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Things You Need to Know: Saigon Square Shopping Mall

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Saigon Square is very popular with Saigonese and is becoming an indispensable part of Sai Gon. This is a trustworthy shopping center and adorably called a “shopping paradise”. Sai Gon square offers a huge choice of items with stable quality. It is a favorite place for not only local people but also tourists visiting Sai Gon. In this article, we will discover everything about this well-reputed destination.


General Information About Saigon Square You may Need To Know

Anyone in search of bargains while shopping in Saigon should head to Saigon Square. Apart from the name Saigon Square, people also call the place Hoang Thanh Center. It is owned by Phan Thanh Company and has been in business since 2000.

This super mall is packed with stalls on two levels, selling clothes, sub balesm, and jewels. Although it is always bustling with shoppers, shopping experiences are still enjoyable since the place is air-conditioned throughout its opening hours, along with massive shopping space and cheap prices. Hence, Saigon Square has attracted much more customers than the Ben Thanh market, even though the two places seem to be similar in terms of products and other services.


There is a saying that if you haven’t been to Saigon Square, you have not shopped in Saigon, which explains why the mall is constantly filled with both domestic and foreign visitors. Most of the vendors here can speak fluently in English to communicate with foreign visitors. Domestic shoppers are also diverse, as they can be students whether from high schools or colleges, housewives, and white collars. They could be anyone with a desire to look for a good product at a reasonable price.

A wide range of products can be found here, from children’s to adult items, from domestic to exotic products. Goods quality is also of diversity: there are Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese products. The prices can vary from less than 100 thousand VNĐ for items such as T-shirts, shirts, accessories to 2 or 3 million VNĐ for a designed dress or any high-end product you may find there.

Saigon Square Address

Established in 2000, Saigon Square currently has 2 branches situated in the center of District 1. The first one is Saigon Square 1, which is at 77-89- 81 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, District 1. The second branch that you can drop by when shopping is Saigon Square 3, located at 179E-181-183-185 Hai Ba Trung, District 1. Both malls have the same business hours, from 9 am to 9 pm to be specific.

Many people would be wondering why there are Saigon Square 1 and Saigon Square 3, but not 2? The answer is there used to be, but the address at Ton Duc Thang has closed down since 2014. Nevertheless, the two remaining branches are at easy-to-find addresses and attract a lot of locals and tourists coming to shop any items they are in demand.





Getting to Know Saigon Square 1 – A Bazaar That Is Worth Visiting

Saigon Square 1 is located in the heart of District 1 (Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Hai Ba Trung), near Ben Thanh Market, the shopping paradise of Saigon youth and many international tourists. Saigon Square shopping center has a wide variety of items, stable quality, and affordable prices have gradually become the most popular shopping place not only for young Saigonese but also popular with many international visitors.

People often compare Saigon Square 1 as a market but it is a high-end market since the goods here are classified and sold by kiosks such as traditional markets, but include both daily-used and high-end. Besides, the shopping space attracts customers much better than anywhere else. As mentioned, the spacious, airy, air-conditioned operation runs during the opening time, and the quality of goods here is relatively good, shoppers are mainly young people who like shopping and domestic and foreign tourists.


As soon as you enter Saigon Square, you will immediately feel the hustling and bustling atmosphere of passing people and the arrangement of the shops. The special thing is that the space is very bright and clean, the clothes kiosks are neatly arranged and eye-catching, plus the air-conditioning works during the opening hours like in big shopping malls. great. Therefore, it can be said that Saigon Square is the bridge between the traditional market and the modern shopping center of Vietnam.

The shops and stalls in Saigon Square are seemingly indiscriminately located around the shopping district so the best thing to do is just walk along the aisle looking for something to have your favorites. Negotiation and exchange are expected here and since it’s so close to the tourist center of Ho Chi Minh City, the initial prices are inflated. If there is something you have your eye on, shop around and find out about prices as it is quite easy to find different stores that sell similar items. Just consider what you would be willing to pay for an item and haggle accordingly.

The installation process is similar here too, although it is a little smaller and a bit more dated. It must be said that male fashion is a bit underrepresented in both Saigon Square shopping malls but for discount fashion ladies in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Square should be your first destination.


What to Buy at Saigon Square – A Note to Take When Shopping

When in Saigon Square shopping mall, it is tricky to decide if you have purchased all the items you need to bring home. This matter is even more difficult for tourists, especially foreigners, as they would have so much to take a look at and buy home as daily-used items and gifts.

Nonetheless, the most highly recommended things to buy at the Saigon Square shopping center would be fashion items, and Dalat’s specialty is to be experienced.

Saigon Square – A Fashion Paradise for Everyone

Saigon Square shopping center is considered as a “matrix” by the number of fashion stalls selling too much, no need to reserve, affirming you will have to explore it because you do not want to miss any corner, hunt Search for unique items. If you are new to the first time, do not hesitate to ask where you want to buy because the vendors here are very friendly and hospitable.

If you are looking for fashionable clothes, Saigon Square is an affordable, high-quality shopping place in Saigon that you should not miss. There are numerous options of fashion items, which you can purchase at a reasonable price. Besides, the stores selling fashion items here offer cheaper prices than elsewhere, and if you buy many items at the same time and know-how to bargain, you will be able to own a mass number of clothes for surprisingly cheap prices.

Saigon Square is a shopping complex from popular items to branded goods. The selling price is extremely, from tens of thousands of millions of dollars for an item. However, because Saigon Square is called a market, you should be bold to pay the price. Many familiar buyers here share that they should pay about 60% of the price compared to the listed price, then payment is to be made. For purchase and sale culture at Saigon Square, most items are exchangeable after payment within one specific period.

Bright, solemnly designed, and traditional market-orientated but appearing with a more luxurious style, Saigon Square is reputed as a “high-end market”. This place is also the location of getting wholesale products at discounts from many fashion stores in the city. Regular shoppers can purchase new products at a reasonable price without losing the deal.



Because of being “updated” constantly, the clothes in Saigon Square sale are also frequent. Although it is a sale, the quality is still very good, the design is still very fashionable, not inferior to any new model elsewhere. Walking around the stalls, an interesting thing for those who love to shop but with a bit of money is that Saigon Square is currently having a big sale, incredible goods at extremely cheap prices!

Although the target audience of the shopping market is mostly gourmet and “have money” it must be recognized that the price of goods here is not expensive if you know how to haggle a bit. Women’s shirts here range from 80 to 180 thousand VND per shirt, men’s shirts around 100 and 150 thousand VND for each shirt. Jeans for men are sold at a fairly soft price, about 330 to 380 thousand for a pair of pants. Meanwhile, the price for women is more affordable, which is about 250-270 thousand VND Many promotions per year are celebrated in Saigon Square at the end of the year, especially in November and December.


Keeping pace with current trends of young people

Another special feature that makes Saigon Square attractive to young people is the goods that are constantly updated according to the latest fashion trends. You can easily find fashionable clothes here for both men and women, both children and adults. Or unique dresses can not be found in outside fashion stores to the most popular designs. Moreover, the sellers also import free-sized and big-sized outfits for foreign tourists if they can’t find the regular ones suitable for them.

The items of Saigon Square are arranged in each area, which is very convenient for customers to find even for the first time. In the central area are stalls of all kinds of clothes, located a little deep inside are the stalls of shoes, fashion accessories, and trending jewelry.


Dalat Specialty and Dried Food at Saigon Square Shopping Mall

To put it in comparison, Saigon Square would be so diverse in terms of cuisine and delicious dishes like Ben Thanh Market, which is nearby and offers a more massive range of dishes. Consequently, people usually go to Ben Thanh Market if their purpose for traveling to the area is the cuisine.

Nevertheless, the dried food in Saigon Square is of good quality and the price for them is reasonable. Moreover, if you are looking for some Dalat specialties, you may want to drop by the L’angfarm store. It’s a famous domestic brand, and its goods include dried fruits, tea, nuts, and coffee. The quality of such commodities has been verified, and the price remains stable as anywhere else. Also, as Vietnamese brands are becoming more popular among people, using products from such brands is a way to show your support towards domestic goods. So, why not drop by for some specialties?

Tips You Should Know Before Closing A Deal

Shopping in this super mall for tourists, and those stepping foot there for the first time, can be a little difficult, and sometimes “expensive”. Some of you may be wondering why the previous sentence sounds opposite to the information of cheap but high-quality products, but the mentioned fact stays true. However, it can only work if you know the tips below.

Real or Fake Designs to Purchase

The most attractive thing about Saigon Square is the low-priced local brand name products with familiar brand names such as Zara, Mango, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Polo … but if you shop in shopping malls. If the price cannot be less than a few million VND, including T-shirts, sports shirts, jeans, and skirts, which only cost a few hundred thousand VND with brand names.

This product is often called an export product, processed by factories in Vietnam (or countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia) according to orders. This item is popular with many people because it is durable, beautiful, and much cheaper than in a big shopping mall.

Saigon Square also attracts “fake” goods to satisfy those who are passionate about brands but cannot spend a few tens to a few hundred million to bring them back. At Saigon Square, imitation bags of LV, Hermes, Burberry, Emporio Armani are on sale. The top countries are copied to every detail that only the very discerning eyes can distinguish, of course, the price is also quite high compared to the fake ones that look just like the real ones. The fake goods are mainly from China.

Other Notes for Visitors

Don’t hesitate to bargain

Saigon Square is a modern market, but the challenging situation still happens like the traditional markets. So when shopping here, do not hesitate to bargain with the stall owners to have the item you like at an affordable price. A good deal is usually 50% less than the price offered by the seller, if not, pay up slowly. However, the sellers here are still very friendly without showing an annoying scowl at their customers at the same price as in other traditional markets.

Language is no barrier at Saigon Square Shopping Centre

Most of the stalls here give a return if the customer is not satisfied, but some stall owners do not agree, so before buying, you should ask the stall staff to have a careful choice. than. Most of the sales staff here are quite friendly, at some stalls, they also take the time to advise customers on the new and best clothes for your physique. Most of the vendors here can exchange English with foreign visitors.

The familiar shoppers in Saigon Square often have acquaintances with shop owners to be able to update regularly when new products arrive and do not have to mess around or avoid bargaining on prices.

Consider before buying on discount

Because goods are updated with new models regularly, clothes in Saigon Square are also sold continuously. Although it is a sale, the quality of the goods is still excellent and not outdated. Sale-off products are usually only sold at the listed price, if customers feel satisfied with the items, then decide whether to take them or not, and once purchased, they cannot be exchanged or refunded, so you need to consider carefully before going for the discount.


It can be said that Saigon Square is one of the largest and most popular commercial centers in Ho Chi Minh City. With an extremely convenient model and location. It is promised that Saigon Square will be an attractive entertainment place for the people of Saigon.

With a modern style, the interior design brings elegance and elegance. With the presence of such famous fashion and cosmetic brands in the world. The women can completely buy themselves expensive designed or famous brand products. Besides those, Saigon Square has many amusement parks, movie theaters, and dining areas.

A Conclusion to Make

Visitors to Saigon should come to the shopping paradise of Saigon Square to own the best quality and most affordable products because Saigon Square is sure to satisfy your shopping addiction and have a great experience in the “shopping paradise” in the heart of District 1- not far from other districts of this bustling city. Don’t forget to share with us your experiences when shopping here.

If you are looking for unique, strange but cheap and nice products, the “shopping paradise” Saigon Square will be a perfect destination. This is also the end of our post, and we wish you the best shopping experience in Saigon Square!