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Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An – Update 2020

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Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Update 2020

Hoi An with a-day tour today is no longer a strange name for tourists with beach and food. Whether domestic or international tourists. Even once arriving here, this wild beauty will attract you. You are a lover of travel but do not know what to do for this journey, with the article’s top 10 exciting nightlife in Hoi An experiences that cannot be ignored when you visit Hoi An hope to find the most suitable destination in your travel specialist.

Traveling to Hoi An with a-day tour, you have certainly been fascinated by the ancient and idyllic look of the house, you will find it so gentle and soothing, sometimes you will feel nothing too impressive. That is, you get never been here in the evening; Hoi An nightlife is nothing beautiful, when the whole old town space, which is deep, wears a new layer, full of shimmer and glow.

Right now, let’s take a look at the 10 best night experiences in Hoi An! Let’s make a tour now.

Have You Ever Watched The Sunset From Rooftop Cafe – Hoi An At Night?

For many people, Hoi An – Vietnam is a destination that goes on and on, still not bored. However, if you come to Hoian roads, but you will always walk around and “cup”, you will always be a bit bored. If you try something new that you get not had the opportunity to do before, such as watching Hoi An from above, for example. A few years ago, it was difficult for you to get this experience, but recently Hoi An has some shops with a 2nd floor and terrace where you can watch the old town from above. You can get a day tour in Hoian.

Located on Tran Phu Street – a main road of Hoi An ancient town, The Chef and FaiFo are two popular cafes to watch Hoian roads in a new and unique way for themselves. Here, you will watch old mossy red-roofed houses, simple but dreamy window corners, streets full of pedestrians, and more especially impressive sunsets.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Rooftop Cafe

The Chef Coffee

Located at 166 Tran Phu, The Chef is a restaurant, but there is still a rich list of drinks for you to choose the right alcohol and sip quickly. The shop is located on the 2nd floor with dozens of lovely corners to relax and enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Especially at the restaurant is the restaurant’s eye-catching terrace, where you can see Hoi An ancient town’s panoramic view and with a direct view down Tran Phu street, bringing a completely new experience.

I am sipping a cup of coffee while watching the sunset fall on the faded roofs of time, making us feel more comfortable, lighter, and this will be unforgettable when it comes to Hoi An.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Rooftop Cafe

FAIFO Coffee

Located a few blocks away from The Chef at 130 Tran Phu, FaiFo Coffee is a very worthy cafe for you to stop and relax after you have cleared the walking streets in Hoi An. Your impression from the moment you step into the restaurant is the seductive aroma of roasted and ground coffee beans.

Small stairs lead guests to the second floor with a completely different quiet space. Also, large wooden chairs are combined with soft seats, but visitors can easily find a private relaxing corner by the large window.

However, the restaurant’s most attractive place is still the rooftop area with a balcony overlooking the road. Faifo‘s rooftop area is quite airy; the view is not restricted by adjacent houses and can look down the passersby’s flow or the old red tile roofs.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Rooftop Cafe

Sitting at these two cafes, watching Hoi An from above gives us a more calm and peaceful feeling. In front of my eyes are the closely tiled roofs, the golden walls of the sun, the flow of people slowly goes back and forth. Take a deep breath, take a sip of bitter coffee, and then close your eyes to watch that lives are so great.

The beauty of Hoi An ancient town, nightlife, makes people vibrate. When viewed from above, you seem to capture the most sparkling and fanciful—Thu Bon River with colorful lanterns, colorful restaurants, and busy people.

What Are Street Foods In Old Town  Tour You Must-Try – Hoi An At Night?

Hoi An tourism is a favorite destination for travelers who want to explore the ancient beauty and experience the culinary culture. The specialties that captivate people’s hearts have made many visitors come back here just to eat these delicacies.

The night cuisine tour here is even more interesting to attract tourists. At night, when the empty streets of Hoi An – Vietnam do not have many people passing by, Hoi An people often go to the banks of the Thu Bon River to eat. Therefore, there is a nightlife area where Hoi An tours at night to discover food and restaurant is served for the people; tourists enjoy the wind and the lights.

Street vendors – Hoi An culinary beauty

Street vendors have long contributed to adorn the beauty of ancient Hoi An – is also a feature of the Vietnamese food tour. Many tourists, not only at home and abroad, are enjoying the street vendors instead of many luxury restaurants. Perhaps the sidewalk is ideal for you to take a tour while enjoying delicious food while feeling the bustle, immersing in the Hoi An great nightlife.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

The Vietnamese food can not be missed in Hoi An tour

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Hours: 6:00 AM – midnight

Visitors often whisper to Hoi An – Vietnam without trying Hoi An’s chicken rice; they are not considered to experience the unique culinary culture. A plate of Hoi An chicken rice is delicious thanks to the combination of onion, sour papaya, specialty Tra Que herbs, and flavorful soy sauce cup. With the ingenuity in processing, Hoi An people leave a great dish in the hearts of visitors.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

Hoi An “Cao Lau”

Cao Lau is one of the dishes contributing to the richness of Hoi An cuisine. When enjoying Cao Lau dishes, people often combine with chili’s price, the famous Tra Que raw vegetables, Hoi An. When eating, the high story has a feeling of noodles, sour, spicy, acrid thanks to the combination of raw vegetables, fish sauce, soy sauce, and crispy fat shrimp.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

Banh Beo

You have also enjoyed the Banh Beo in Da Nang, but when coming to Hoi An, tourists often look for these rustic dishes and local specialties. Hoi An duck cake is small with a unique taste, the road is not too fussy, thanks to the unique recipes that Hoi An people have made special duck cake. The Banh Beo dish is a combination of shrimp, meat, scallions, scallions, and crispy fried ram from high noodles is genuinely a wonderfully rustic dish.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

Wet grilled meat cake

This delicious dish spreads the roadside’s flavor that you will encounter while walking around the ancient town. Wet skewers of grilled meat skewers include grilled skewers, wet cakes, raw vegetables, and hot and sour sauces.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

The roasted meat is fragrant and hot, served with wet cakes, raw vegetables, and seasonings to create a unique flavor that is better than sitting and enjoying delicious food while looking at the ancient town of Hoi An on the banks of the poetic Thu Bon River. A great dish that you should not miss when you visit Hoi An ancient town at night.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

Sweet soups specialties

Hours: 5:00 PM – midnight

Hoi An – Vietnam is the paradise of delicious roadside sweet soup shops such as lotus seed, bean, corn, sweet potato. When you walk around the ancient town of Hoi An, there is no shortage of shops selling many types of sweet soup bustling tourists. In particular, it is impossible not to mention Hoi An corn sweet soup cooked from delicious Cam Nam corn, known in Hoi An. Hoi An corn sweet soup is delicious thanks to cooking from fresh corn so that corn sweet soup here retains its natural sweetness and aroma.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

“Phuong Bread” – Location: Hoang Dieu Street

Hours: 5:00 AM – midnight

We started our around Hoi An journey with the most famous loaf of bread here – “Phuong Banh Mi”. This bakery brand is so renowned that it was featured on CNN Travel and received a lot of praise. A loaf of bread here is only 10,000 VND for local people, but it costs 25 thousand VND for tourists. However, if calculated, 1 USD for a loaf of bread is still cheap compared to America’s price.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Street Food

Taking Some Stunning Photos – Hoi An At Night

Famous and loved by many people when coming here, it is not difficult to find nice photo spots in Hoi An – Vietnam. The walls and tiled roofs were colored with time; small mossy corners; The sparkling houses along the river at night, or the ancient Japanese Covered Bridge are beautiful places to take pictures in Hoi An nightlife that you should not miss.

Around Hoi An has some ancient walls, lovely moss but famous and lots of tourists take souvenir photos, especially the wall located on Hoang Van Thu. About 20m in length, the division has its own unique and attractive look. This wall on Hoang Van Thu belongs to the house on Nguyen Thai Hoc; this is the old house of 3-4 generations in Hoi An.

If you want to find a place to feel nightlife in Hoi An townhouses with colored tiled roofs, orchids covered with moss, fancy windows, go to The Chef Coffee Shop with a location at 166 Tran Phu.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Take Stunning Photos at Night

The streets full of lanterns or mossy alleys will give you the classic and fancy look. Closely sticking with the people of Hoi An, confetti becomes a typical flower here beside the old house folds, moss. Throughout Hoian road streets, visitors will find confetti blooming corners full of purple and full of dreams.

Sunset on the Hoai River becomes so romantic with the rope set in the sky, small boats up and down and carrying tourists, and the coconut trees swirling in the wind. Hoian Bridge becomes more beautiful when the sun starts to fall and is commemorated by lots of people taking pictures. Standing on the bridge can see some sides, is the bridge connecting the two banks of the town separated by the Hoai River, so there is some walking back and forth here.

Japanese Bridge, also known as the Japanese Covered Bridge, is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists in Hoi An because of its unique architecture and time value. The work built by Japanese merchants in Hoi An in the mid-16th century deserves a beautiful photo spot in Hoi An.

Ancient houses hang some colorful lanterns, shimmering lights on the romantic Hoai River, a unique feature of Pho Hoi nightlife. Visitors can take a boat ride along the Hoai River to see the beauty of Hoi An at night. Hoi An Ancient Town by Hoai River at night is like a rustic and poetic picture.

Visitors to Hoi An – Vietnam will surely remember the sparkling and vibrant lantern streets at night. Under the skillful hands of the artisans, the lanterns are made with full color and style. Throughout the streets, shops in Hoi An are decorated with lanterns, so it is easy for you to have the best pictures.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Take Stunning Photos at Night

Have You Ever Joined Hoi An By Night Tour With Local Family Meal And Boat Trip – Hoi An At Night?

A fantastic tour in Hoian!

What is better than when you come to Vietnam and Hoi An ancient town, and get to experience the feeling of living like the local people here? It’s great that you have Vietnamese friends and join in their daily lives. They will guide you to enjoy Vietnamese dishes at night, which is the best restaurant with tremendous stories. It is a memorable tour for you.

They will lead you to the night market in Hoi An ancient town, and you will be amazed at a town thousands of years old in Vietnam on this tour. They are vibrant at night and romantic at sunset.

On tour, you will feel a warm Vietnamese meal and reunite with unique local dishes. Next, you and your friends will see Hoi An from a small boat on the Hoai River. Finally, walk around the cute little streets of the town. It is a memorable tour for any foreign tourist coming to Hoi An.

I will never forget this tour in Vietnam.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Night Tour

What About Hoi An Market?

Hours: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

When you visit Hoi An – Vietnam, without exploring night markets like Nguyen Hoang night market is a huge omission. The night markets always contain interesting surprises for visitors to explore.

For some people, they come to Hoi An night market not really to buy and sell; but sometimes just to immerse in the bustling, crowded atmosphere in Hoian street; or simply wander around to watch the Hoai river, dreaming at night and watching the landscape of shopping by the river.

Hoi An night market is about 300m wide, with about 50 stalls stretching along the Nguyen Hoang route. The goods here are very diverse, from souvenirs, cuisine to decorations, clothes, and bags. This market especially has a local character with its beauty. Mostly only in Quang.

The market is held from 5 PM until 11 PM. Walking along with the market, visitors will see all kinds of goods, including some typical local items such as earthen platters, souvenir pottery of Thanh Ha pottery village, cloth, silk, colorful lanterns; or famous Hoi An delicacies such as noodles, high-rise, lotus seed tea, mussel and rice paper. Each item, each dish has a bold breath of the town.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Hoi An market


The price at Hoi An night market is quite friendly and suitable for several classes. Shopping here, of course, you also need to haggle; however, people will not run out of prices in heaven, and you only need to bargain for a couple of fees to be able to buy the item with the correct or closest value.

Walking in the night market and stopping to eat delicious food, chatting, and learning more about the people’s culture here is an experience that you should not miss.

According to lots of visitors, when visiting the Nguyen Hoang night market in Hoian, they are most impressed with the market’s scene with sparkling lanterns and delicate handicraft galleries. Lanterns are also the most typical handicraft products of Hoian and are often bought by tourists as souvenirs.

Another exciting thing when visiting the Nguyen Hoang night market is the lively folk performances. Singing the song hut is an ancient culture of the people of Quang. Today, to help visitors have the opportunity to feel and understand more about this folk art form, performances have been held in several places, in there is a night market.

When having a tour in Hoian, visiting the local market is a must-try.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Hoi An market

Bia Hoi – A Local Draft Beer You Should Drink – Hoian Nightlife

Hours: all days

After visiting the houses and old bridges, you should go to the riverbank and choose a place in one sidewalk restaurant with plastic tables and chairs ready and order a beer. While enjoying a cold glass of beer, sipping a plate of fragrant roasted peanuts, visitors can watch the boat and sparkling flowers on the Hoai River.

To save more money, diners can look to the sidewalk bars located along the Hoai River. The most popular here is grilled skewered meat, pork, chicken, and shrimp grilled on charcoal and served with vegetables and rice paper with spicy fish sauce.

The weather in Hoian is hot and humid, and you will always feel thirsty. That means you can’t miss the local beer craft from the street vendors along the Hoai River.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Draft beer

If you want to recognize or find such a Bia Hoi, it is not difficult. Just look around the sidewalk with roadside eateries; you can choose any along the river and order yourself a beer.

It is the same as the pale beers you’ve tried before, with fermented barley and mild alcohol content. You can drink it with delicious snacks or baked goods.

The price for a very cheap beer is only about 5 thousand VND, and you can drink 2 to 3 glasses. And you know, it’s poured out from a large jar instead of a can or a glass bottle.

Have a drink of local beer on the Hoian tour.

Having Dinner On The Boat – Hoian At Night

Hours: 6:00 PM – midnight

When the sunset is about to go out, cruising on Thu Bon River is a worthwhile experience in Hoi An. Visitors have a variety of service providers to choose from. Besides traditional wooden boats, you can experience high-quality yachts with 5-course meals, cocktails, and melodic music to immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery of the ancient town.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Dinner on the boat

You can enjoy this time with your family or couple. Extraordinary emotions. The staff is all amiable and attentive. Food is delicious, and you will eat it as they conform to the specific dietary restrictions you require. You’ll love the jazz they play, the bright lighting sets the mood, and the captain knows how to capture the sun sets ‘ perfect angle. The weather is ideal, with a calm breeze the whole time (no hair flying wildly in your mouth while you eat).

Any questions you need to have about your surroundings during the trip are answered with complete information. Just don’t forget your bug spray. Once the sun has completely set, you’ve got 2 or 3 buggers trying to get me, but that’s it; no swarm or any other bug noticed. That surprised you for being right on the river at night. Finally, they prepare you for a river lantern to make a wish and release it. Amazing.

The next morning, you will take part in the cooking class at the yacht. Really excited!

Walking Around The Ancient Town – Hoian At Night

Keep lovely photos on the Hoian tour.

When the sun goes down, the colorful lanterns are gradually lit; Hoian ancient town at night is like wearing a sparkling, sparkling, and very brilliant shirt. Inherently peaceful and poetic, at this moment, lantern strips are hung on high, stretching all the way, creating an incredibly romantic feeling.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Dinner on the boat

On this side of the river is Bach Dang with rows of Hoi An ancient houses located on the riverside, illuminated with lots of golden lights and red lanterns to decorate, creating a sense of tranquility and lightness. On the other side of the river is Nguyen Phuc Chu street here is somewhat noisy because there are lots of restaurants. To attract more visitors, the lights in the shops are decorated with all colors. Considered as Venice, a romantic city in Italy because all the houses and shops on both sides have fallen into the Hoai River, creating a romantic and romantic nightlife scene of Hoi An.

A traditional feature of Hoian is that on the 1st and 14th day of the full moon of the lunar month, people will drop flower lights on the Hoai River. Especially in Hoian at the full moon night, all the streets will turn off all the electric lights, only light the lanterns. If you have a specific opportunity, you should stop by sitting on the boat, releasing lanterns, and watching the town peaceful and incredibly poetic in the lantern light.

The flower lanterns are made of colorful handmade paper, which is skillfully made by craftsmen; there will be a small candle in the middle. Each flower lamp is priced from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND. In the folk sense of the lantern or flower lamp, each light is a prayer for health, luck, and fortune, a prayer of peace. With the price of about 100,000 VND, you can sit on the boat slowly down the Hoai River while releasing the flower lights while watching the ancient town of Hoian at night shimmering; not only that, you also hear the boatman tell. Hear about historical stories.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Dinner on the boat

In addition to the town, you can go to Cua Dai beach, sit and relax under the coconut trees, on the white sand beach to breathe some fresh air, hear the whispering sea life. Because it is only 5km from the center of Hoian, you can rent a motorbike or bicycle to the beach or take a taxi for about 10 minutes to arrive. At night, Cua Dai beach is also brilliant in the lights, going to the sea you can enjoy dishes from incredibly fresh seafood. Hoian nightlife, when the street lights up, there are lots of exciting memories, not boring at all as people think.

Trying Bai Choi Bingo – A Hoian Traditional Game At Night

On every Lunar New Year, the Central region people gather together the huts, storing standards for all post syndrome. Around Hoian Ancient Town, Quang Nam Province, the log is performed every night, attracting a large number of visitors and people to participate. In the Hoian statue garden, “the sister brand” (the one who sings) chants and sings the tunes of the people of Quang. Game from 5 to 7 minutes. Each card has 3 words. It is similar to bingo, but the folk game of the hut is with 3 letters. In each round, if I win 3 words, I will be the winner.

People use 27 pairs of Tam Cuc cards; each card is glued to a bamboo card. The deck of cards is divided into two: half is put in a tube kept by the caller, the other half distributed to 9 tents, each of which is 3 cards. When he entered the game, the signalman drew the card from the pipe, shouted, the hut that hit the card would call for the signal. When a tower hits the 3rd card, one game is finished.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Bai Choi Bingo

A visitor from Hanoi who was interested in the game said: “Folk songs advise people to be good and good. I won a lot, and I was lucky but also happy. It’s fun because I get a memory of a folk game, listen to folk songs again, I like “. Not only receiving gifts but when participating in the log club festival, visitors will also have a refreshing laugh when enjoying the artist’s songs – “the brand” Nguyen Dang.

Artist Nguyen Dang often uses pressing, attachment, and speaking to make fun of, making the atmosphere of the folk game Bai Hut exciting. “The words of Tet must be humorous; folk words are pleased, Tet must be funny to create a spring atmosphere”, Mr. Dang said.

If you come to Hoian more than once, you will surely realize that in the concerts only artist Nguyen Dang and other familiar faces of the log club. It is also the concern of tourists about the neighboring team that maintains this traditional art form.

Mr. Vo Phung, Director of the Center for Culture and Sports of Hoian city, who has 15 years of diligent research and collection of ancient log huts for Hoian, said: “In the way of organization, we also must take advantage of the means, for example, sound to convey the vocals of the brothers. Or the card is only 2cm, we improve and grow so that the guests can observe, even the English translation. We also use verses and proverbs with helpful chants. Use witty sentences to create an atmosphere. Besides, it is also necessary to improve the lives of brothers and sisters and support them,” said Mr. Phung.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Bai Choi Bingo

The artisans of the Central Coast are happier when the National Academy of Music of Vietnam prepares a record of the “Vietnamese Spring Hut Play” to submit to UNESCO as a non-cultural heritage representative object of humanity.

Releasing Paper Lanterns Down On The River – the best traditional activity At Hoian Night

The flower festival night in Hoian is known as an activity held every month on the 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar. It is considered one of Hoian’s most mysterious night activities with thousands of sparkling, fanciful, and extraordinary flower lights. Especially when night falls, it means that electric lights everywhere will also go out and instead light from strange, beautiful lanterns. In particular, releasing lanterns is also considered one of the traditional festivals of the people of Hoian.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Paper Lanterns on River

Each lantern will be sent into it by the person who wishes for the best. Therefore, this traditional lantern festival has been preserved by the people of Hoian for lots of generations. But to serve tourists everywhere, the festival will be held regularly, especially on the full moon days and the first day of every month, the ancient town will turn off all the lights. Just reading the two sides of the Hoai River will be too bustling with stalls selling flower lights for tourists.

With the activity program of releasing lanterns in Hoian, it has a spiritual, spiritual, and cultural meaning for the people of Hoian in particular and the Vietnamese people in general. With the design of the lanterns made from straightforward and simple materials from the people’s skillful hands, it makes this activity even more unique and meaningful.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Paper Lanterns on River

Besides, releasing the lanterns brings traditional cultural beauty, but this activity also brings a profound spiritual value to the people here and visitors worldwide. Because the activity of releasing lanterns attracts domestic tourists, and international friends are incredibly interested in these small beautiful lights. Although this activity is no longer new or modern, it will help you better understand the people and Hoian town culture.

It is considered the traditional cultural beauty and spiritual significance, the spiritual value of the whole nation. That is why this activity always receives the love of tourists in and foreign. If you want to experience a mysterious sparkling space that is rarely available, please visit Hoian on the right mid-autumn or full moon day to participate in this exciting activity.

With the above useful sharing, we hope to help you better understand the meaning of releasing lanterns in Hoian means. Have an exciting trip!

Having Drinks And Live Music – Hoian At Night

Referring to Hoian, most visitors only think about ancient things with historical features or a unique culinary culture. However, there is a very different perspective in this old city that you may not have known about the world of top-quality bars. Hoian bars are not bustling and noisy like regular bars, but this is a space for you to chill, entertain, chat, and socialize when night falls on Hoian Streets.

Q Bar – the best Bar in town

Address: No. 94 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoian City

Hours: 6:00 PM – midnight

Referring to the bars in Hoian, Q Bar is a too prominent name, with a nostalgic design bold old town and with East Asian design lines, but still extraordinarily luxurious and polite. Space here is already charming and impressive, combined with the light and EDM electronic music, giving visitors moments of complete relaxation and a true bar spirit.

Drinks at Q Bar are considered quite attractive, with alcohol and cocktails as the mainstay, and the Bar also has beer and other alcoholic beverages. The drinks price is relatively high compared to the general level; beer cans are 50,000 VND, cocktails and wines range from 120,000 VND to 200,000 VND, and free admission ticket.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Having drinks and live music

Hoi An Sports Bars

Address: No. 61A Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hoian City

Hours: 6:00 PM – midnight

Just hearing the name makes you know what this bar style is in Hoian. Hoi An Sports Bars is the ideal meeting place for sports enthusiasts, the sports style shaping bar, serving those who have the same passion for connecting, exchanging, and entertaining. At Hoi An Sports Bar, you can enjoy live sporting events. The restaurant’s upstairs lounge is also equipped with attractive entertainment games such as foosball, Xbox, LaRue, PlayStation or darts, Wii, and free admission tickets.

At Hoian Sports Bar, you can freely discuss sports stories with people who share your interests. Sip attractive imported beverages such as Stella, Corona, Asah, LaRue, Coopers Stout, or stunning local beers with prices from VND 25,000 to VND 300,000 depending on the type.

Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Having drinks and live music

Before and Now Bars

Location: No. 51, Le Loi Street, Hoian City.

Hours: 6:00 PM – midnight

It is an impressive views bar in Hoian with a good location and awe-inspiring view; from here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beauty of the old town in the evening. The bar space is decorated with lots of colorful lanterns and ornamental plants; the most impressive is the restaurant’s terrace space. Pick the number and check available seats.

Before and Now, Bar attracts visitors with attractive promotions or preferential golden hours, which are regularly deployed. Here you not only enjoy delicious drinks or eat delicious food, but the friendly service style is also an impressive plus point at this Bar. Before and Now Bar, food, or drink prices are from 100,000 VND to 600,000 VND and free admission tickets.Best nightlife experiences in Hoi An - Having drinks and live music

Not noisy, bustling, Hoian makes people fascinated by its quiet and poetic beauty. Night falls an excellent time for tourists to explore the beauty of the old town. Under the shimmering and fanciful lights, this place suddenly becomes seductive, nostalgic for stops.

There are lots of other exciting things to bring an excellent experience for visitors when stopping in Hoian. At any time, this poetic land is not only attractive, attracting tourists to stop. Then when leaving, the lovely memories here remain in the hearts of people. And you will back Hoian often, sure! Booking a hotel near the center is a good idea.

According to modern times, Hoian has also gradually changed to serve tourists’ tourism needs from all over the world. But, it is social change, progressive change. And space here is still the same, still retaining the mesmerizing beauty. Although Hoian may not be too strange to you, a Hoian in the evening will be very different and give you a different perspective on a proud neighborhood of Vietnamese tourism in general and Da Nang Hoian in particular.