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Hoi An Ancient Town

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Hoi an ancient town guides

History of Hoi An

400 years ago, Hoi An ancient town was a trading port crowded with traders from all over the world, Hoi An history of trade and culture created a diverse environment, harmony between East and West. Today, Hoi An is one of the rare ancient cities still preserved almost intact, this can be proved by many old buildings and the Japanese bridge and the unique culture. If you are passionate about the nostalgic, peaceful atmosphere of this small old town on the Hoai River, quickly save the self-sufficient Hoi An travel experiences below to enjoy a full trip.

Hoi An ancient town is always ranked first in the list of tourist destinations in Vietnam for many reasons. This ancient trading port is the intersection of East and West cultures; this town is the quintessential combination of Vietnam, China, Japan, Europe in both cuisine, architecture, and the traditions of the local people, all have been well preserved.

The Ideal Time To Travel To Hoi An Old Town

Climate in Hoi An

Possessing a distinct two-season climate from February to April, when the climate is spring, early summer, the weather is cool and the sun is not too harsh.

When to visit?

Hoi An (or Hội An in Vietnamese) tourism in the dry season (January – July) will of course be more preferred. In particular, the most popular time is in Spring. Besides, you can still choose to go to Hoi An during the rainy season (August – December). The climate of Hoi An in general is still quite temperate, not affected by storms or high temperature differences between seasons. However, it should be noted that the rain in Hoi An is quite persistent, and will sometimes cause floods. If you want to experience the feeling of rowing in the old town, traveling to Hoi An during this time will be an interesting memory.

It is important to introduce Hoi An ancient town to newcomers that this heritage site is best visited in the middle of the month, especially in the dry season. According to the experiences of Hoi An self-sufficient tourism, the most special time to visit this city is on the full moon of each month. Every 14 lunar day, the old town will turn off all the lights and be lit with sparkling and colorful lanterns. On this day, the streets in the old town, two banks of the Hoai River are filled with the melody of traditional songs, folk games and activities, and of course, attractive traditional dishes are indispensable.

How to get to Hoi An?

By plane

For the most convenient Hoi An (or Hội An ancient town to be exact), you can buy a flight ticket to Da Nang and then continue to Hoi An. Flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or other provinces to Da Nang only take approximately 1 hour, with prices ranging from 400,000 to 1,600,000 VND / way.

From Da Nang, the two most popular ways to get to Hoi An are by taxi or bus.

Taxi: It is Very easy to catch a taxi at Da Nang airport and it takes only 45 – 55 minutes to move to Hoi An. The cost for a taxi ride is 350,000 – 450,000 VND, depending on the company and type of vehicle.

Bus: this is suitable for travelers who want to save money, you can catch the bus number 1 (Da Nang central bus station – Hoi An bus station) for only 25,000 VND / way.

By train

Similar to going by plane, if you travel by train, you will stop at DaNang station or Tra Kieu station. The journey from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Da Nang will take 15-20 hours, the fare is in the range of 230,000 – 2,224,000 VND, depending on the itinerary and seat type.

By coach

If you do not want to stop by Danang but directly to Hoi An, there are still direct buses from Ho Chi Minh City – Hoi An, or Hanoi – Hoi An. Popular car services that you can choose from are Hanh Café, Thien An, The Sinh Tourist, with prices ranging from 320,000 to 480,000 VND / time.

By motorbike

From Da Nang, you absolutely can drive a motorbike to Hoi An to save costs. There are two main routes:

Option 1

Go south on Highway 1, turn into Vinh Dien. Going in this direction you will visit Thap Cham Bang Anh.

Option 2

Go across the Han River Bridge, follow the provincial road of Da Nang – Hoi An. This route will be convenient for you who want to combine visiting Ngu Hanh Son.

The road from Da Nang to Hoi An is quite easy to go and clear. However, if it is your first time going on a trip, you should consult Hoi An’s self-sufficient travel experiences for the smoothest trip.

Transportation in Hoi An ancient town


As a city for tourism, you will easily rent a motorbike in Hoi An for 120,000 – 150,000 VND / day.


One of the best ways to get around Hoi An old quarter is to cycle and feel the peaceful rhythm of the city. Some hotels in Hoi An have free bicycles for rent, around 40,000 VND / day.


If cyclo in the city is a rare thing, in Hoi An old town, this vehicle is still a typical means of transport to explore the fantastic culture and admire the old buildings in this world heritage. You can pick up cyclo in Hoi An at Phan Chau Trinh Street, Tan Phu for 150,000 VND / hour / Cyclo.


Hoi An has familiar taxi companies Mai Linh (phone number: 0235.,

Taxi Hoi An (phone number: 0235., Faifo (phone number: 0235.


For a tour of the old town, do not miss the opportunity to take a boat on Hoai River or Thu Bon River. You can easily catch a boat right at the river wharf in the heart of the old town.

Hoi An tourist destination should not be missed

Hoi An Ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking within the Old Town area, all visitors should carry a Hoi An Old Town ticket. This ticket allows you to explore Hoi An’s old town and its numerous well-maintained heritage buildings.

 How is Hoi An unique?

 Hoi An Impression Park and Hoi An Memory Show

hoi an old town
Memory of Hoi An

This will definitely be the highlight for your visit to Hoi An ancient town. Since its debut, the scene show Ky Uc Hoi An has received countless praises from audiences and critics. “The visual party” made the audience go crazy when watching professional dancers perform amid spectacular stage effects, fine props, skillful and expressive dance. Another amazing thing is that the program is performed on a stage of 25,000 m2 – the largest outdoor stage in Vietnam, with a poetic setting of the Thu Bon River.


Cau pagoda

hoi an ancient town map
Japanese designed bridge: Cau Pagoda


This Japanese bridge can be considered as a symbol of the ancient town, the Japanese bridge – Cau pagoda which was well preserved its original design is the clearest proof of the diverse cultural intersection of Hoi An. Inside the pagoda, there is a statue of North Emperor Tran Vo, a god who protects the land and brings good things to people.

The beautiful Japanese Bridge is one of the favorite spots among visitors coming to Hoi An heritage, which was built in the early 17th. Across the bridge to admire the ancient architecture of a Japanese-bridge design right in Vietnam.

Address: Crossroads of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai – Tran Phu, facing to Hoai River.

Operation time: All day

Fukien Assembly Hall

Hoi An old town ticket
Phuc Kien House

The Assembly Hall of Fukian worship Thien Hau Thanh Mau, where Chinese businessmen often stopped by to pray for a peaceful, rainy sea trip. After many times of restoration, it retains its typical architecture with the three-door gate, shrine, and large incense rings that bring a sacred atmosphere to the temple.

This is one of the must-visit buildings in Hoi An old town

Address: 35 Tran Phu, p. Minh An, HCMC. Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Ancient home system

hoi an old quarter
Ancient houses system

Hoi An ancient houses are often built entirely of wood, roofing tiles and yin and yang, divided into many rooms, and is the place to live and do business for many generations in a family.

Old House of Tan Ky: 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Quan Thang ancient house: 77 Tran Phu

Phung Hung Old House: 04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

Toc Tran Church: 21 Le Loi

What to see in Hoi An ancient town?

Hoi An night market

Hoi An old town
Hoi An night market

As a popular place to go for an evening stroll not to be missed when traveling to Hoi An, the night market on Nguyen Hoang Street is the place which is the most concentrated. Dozens of stalls of handicrafts, food, and souvenirs are available here, in the shimmering, nostalgic space of colorful lanterns.

Address: Nguyen Hoang Street, near Hoai River.

Opening hours: 17:00 – 23:00 daily

Museums in Hoi An

hoi an town
Portrait museum

Not only for displaying historical artifacts, Hoi An owns museums about both culture and art, attracting even young visitors who love to experience.

Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Museum

A private museum displaying portraits that French photographer Réhahn recorded on his journey to explore Vietnam. Each photo is a human story that is faithfully represented under an artistic lens.

Address: 26 Phan Boi Chau, City, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Opening hours: 08:00 – 20:00

Cotic art exhibition space

hoi an history
Cotic art

If you are a lover of traditional Vietnamese art, especially Tuong, you cannot ignore Cotic. With the desire to transmit a cultural – artistic beauty of the country, Cotic focuses on every small corner, providing a space imbued with Vietnamese identity.

Address: 56 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00

Area far from the ancient town of Hoi An:

Hoi An is not just the old town. Just take the trouble to go a little far from the center, this city still has tourist destinations outside of Hoi An ancient town that you don’t want to go back.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

history of hoi an
Thanh Ha pottery village

This 600-year-old pottery village is even more famous for Thanh Ha Terracotta Park – where the collection of fine ceramic miniature world models. This is also the largest ceramic park in Vietnam.

Address: Block 5, Ward Thanh Ha, City. Hoi An (located on the bank of Thu Bon river, 4 km from the center of the old town).

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Ticket price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND / ticket

Kim Bong carpentry village

introduce hoi an ancient town
Kim Bong wood village

When visiting Hoi An Vietnam (or Hội An vietnam), do not be surprised to know that Kim Bong carpentry products have contributed to the magnificence of Hue capital. This traditional village was awarded the king’s reward several times. Today, when visiting Kim Bong, you will still admire the process of making wooden works of art.

Address: Rural Road, Trung Ha Hamlet, Cam Kim Commune, Cam Kim, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:00

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable village
Tra Que Vegetable village

For those who like the form of ecotourism, visit Tra Que vegetable village once – a place that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, especially indispensable in the self-sufficient Hoi An tourism experience. Just a few kilometers from the center of Hoi An old town is a green vegetable garden, grown organically.

Stop at Tra Que, do not miss the opportunity to try hoeing, fertilizing, carrying water to water each row of lush green vegetables. And the best part is to get around the countryside setting, enjoying the fresh air on the way to Tra Que.

Address: Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An (from the center of the ancient town, go straight to Hai Ba Trung street).

Opening hours: 07:00 – 21:00

Cua Dai Beach

 Cua Dai beach
Cua Dai beach


Cua Dai is always the first name when it comes to beautiful beaches in Hoi An tourism experience. After improving the erosion a year ago, Cua Dai Beach has continued to open its doors to visitors with clear blue sea water and fine sand. People just get off from Hoi An old town for a day or more to stroll around one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Address: Take the extended 608 road, 5 km east of Hoi An ancient town.

Operation time: All day

An Bang Beach

 An Bang beach
An Bang beach

Famous for its peaceful beauty, An Bang beach used to be the one in the top 25 most beautiful beaches of Trip Advisor. Therefore, An Bang is also chosen by many Hoi An resorts to build luxury resorts. If you travel to Hoi An on your own, try to refer to the plan “clearing the island” of An Bang beach in just one day to enjoy this famous beautiful beach.

Address: Hai Ba Trung Street, Cam An Ward, City. Hoi An (3 km from the city center).

Operation time: All day

Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham
Cu Lao Cham

Concentrating 8 large and small islands, Cu Lao Cham is an ideal stopover for travelers who love the pristine sea scene, diving and admiring colorful coral reefs. Besides, Cu Lao Cham also has historical relics such as ancient wells of Cham or ancient pagodas of Hai Tibet, enough to satisfy all the exploration needs of visitors. This place is one of the most considered destinations when visitors come to Vietnam

How to get there: Take the speedboat from Cua Dai wharf for about 25 minutes or take a wooden boat from Bach Dang wharf for about 2 hours

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Coconut forest Hoi An
Coconut forest in Hoi An

Coconut is not a specialty of Ben Tre itself, in Hoi An there is also a very unique coconut forest, up to “seven acres”. The interesting point of Bay Mau coconut forest is that visitors can sit on basket boats, floating in the water, weaving around the dense coconut trees.

Address: Cam Thanh Commune, City. Hoi An (3 km from the city center).

Operation time: All day

Price: From 50,000 – 80,000 VND / person / trip

(depending on boat type and location of service)

The famous “virtual living” places in Hoi An

The wall of Hoang Van Thu street

ancient town
Wall on Hoang Van Thu Str


One of the most famous photo spots in Hoi An is the old wall array on Hoang Van Thu Street (the road leading to the Hoai River). This is the wall of an old house, with patchy patches of color degraded by time; But at the same time is what makes this place so special. While getting around Hoi An ancient town, stop at this street, you will have a great picture for your trip to Hoi An.

Bougainvillaea flower truss

japanese bridge
Giay flower


Bougainvillea flowers are not only available in Hoi An, but the image of confetti on an old yellow wall is probably only this old town on the Hoai River. Combine the light sun, wooden window frames, and an idyllic cyclo you have the best view.

Hoai River

Hoai river hoi an
Hoai river

Located in the center of the old town is Hoai River. If you are a resident of the city, this is an opportunity for you to try sitting on a gourd boat, turning the water through the layers of ancient houses with tile roofs, typical yellow lime walls of Hoi An.

Hoai River every time has its own beauty; But the best way to take a boat ride on the river is probably at dusk. At this time, the street lights up, by the river wharf are floating flower lights, creating a sparkling, magical scene.

What to eat in Hoi An town?

Already a cross cultural land, the cuisine which combines the culture of Vietnam and many others is certainly not slow. Not many people can resist a long list of dishes which can not be missed when coming to Hoi An.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau hoi an food
Cao Lau

As a testament to the diverse cuisine of Hoi An Vietnam, the high-rise has large noodles like Japanese soba; Chinese char siu-style meat; Serve with raw vegetables, Vietnamese-style crackers.

Addresses to eat delicious:

Thanh high floor: 26 Thai Phien

Green Space: 687 Hai Ba Trung

Lien High floor: 9 Thai Phien

Fried oysters – Baked cake

Fried Hen hoi an street food
Fried Hen


Baked cake is a unique cake, combining dry and wet rice paper. When eating, you must beat lightly so that the two types of cake stick together. The most rustic batter is dipping sauce, sometimes served with fried mussels for more variety.

Address to eat delicious:

Quan Ba Gia: Hamlet 1, Cam Nam Commune

Chicken rice

Chicken rice hoi an food
Chicken rice

Chicken rice is considered a famous specialty that no self-sufficient travel tips from Hoi An can be ignored. Rice is cooked with chicken broth and turmeric for a golden color. Boiled chicken mixed with salad, add a little onion, shredded papaya, herbs, and sweet and sour fish sauce.

Addresses to eat delicious:

Ba Buoi chicken rice: 26 Phan Chau Trinh

Xi chicken rice: 47/2 Tran Hung Dao

Ty chicken rice: 25-27 Phan Chau Trinh


Banh mi vietnamese bread
Banh mi Hoi An

As the “national” dish of Vietnam, Hoi An bread is still very sought after in all shared experiences of Hoi An tourism. A “full-sized” loaf of bread with char siu, barbecue, pork rolls, pate, and homemade butter sauce, sour food … will be enough to charm anyone, whether you are a fan of this dish or not .

Addresses to eat delicious:

Phoenix Bread: 2B Phan Chu Trinh

Bread Madam Khanh: 115 Tran Cao Van

Grilled meat skewers

Grilled meat hoi an street food
Grilled meat skewer


If you ask Hoi An what snacks to eat, the answer is grilled skewers. After an afternoon strolling around the old town, stop by the Hoai River, get a charcoal grilled meat, served with crispy sour papaya, and unique sauce of each restaurant.

Nice cafes in Hoi An

After eating “covered with coffee”, do not miss the experience of enjoying the peaceful space of the old town in a cafe that is also deeply nostalgic.

Addresses to eat:

Reaching Out Tea House: 131 Tran Phu

Hoi An Roastery: 135 Tran Phu

Cocobana: 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Chu Chu: 74 Tran Phu

Cocobox: 94 Le Loi

Muoi Hoi An: 150 Tran Phu sidewalk shop

The Chef: 166 Tran Phu

Where to stay in Hoi An?

Hotel in Hoi An

The two main areas that tourists often prefer when choosing a place to stay in Hoi An are the Old Quarter area and hotels by the sea. The familiar names you can consider when coming to Hoi An are Hoi An Ancient Town Hotels near Japanese Covered Bridge Hotels, Maison Vy Hotel, Hoi An Rose Garden Hotel, Lasenta Boutique Hoi An Hotel, River Suites Hoi An Hotel …

Homestays in Hoi An

Hoi An is a perfect place for tourists who want to find a hostel or homestay to have a local experience. The homestay Hoi An are very “diligent” to invest in design – not only beautiful but also with a nostalgic and peaceful atmosphere in the style of Hoi An.

The homestay wedge Hoi An is being hunted restlessly such as Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay, An Bang Beach Hideaway Homestay, Lemongrass Homestay, Heron House Hoi An, Jolie Villa Hoi An Homestay …

Villas in Hoi An

Immediately find names like Golden Peach Villa Hoi An, Le Pavillon Hoi An Central Villa, Golden Bell Hoi An Boutique Villa, Tue Tam Garden Villa, Azumi Villa Hoi An … for a self-sufficient Hoi An trip.

Resorts in Hoi An

As for guests who have a personal love for the blue sea, golden sand, do not hesitate to choose a Hoi An resort in the area of famous beaches like An Bang or Cua Dai. What could be more wonderful than enjoying the salty sea breeze while still indulging in the nostalgia of Hoi An.

Top favorite resorts in Hoi An are indispensable places like Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa, Senvila Boutique Resort, Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort, …

Is Hoi An safe at night?

Experiencing Hoi An by night is a worth-doing activity when tourists get around this place, visitors are totally safe at night as this is a city for tourism, a lot of cafes and restaurants are open till midnight, locals are friendly and you will delve into its traditions, remember to bring along a hoi an ancient town map so that you will know exactly where to go.