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Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City

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Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City

Da Nang City Vietnam – the best area in the central country – is known as the city of bridges, because every few kilometers, where can see a bridge in this city. It is still not a simple bridge, but it has features and uniqueness never before anywhere in Vietnam. Show it now!

With its location along the Han River, bridge lights, and prominent in the city center, making every Da Nang citizen looking at it is incredibly proud. The bridge was built in the shape of a Dragon in the Ly dynasty as I flew to the big sea, a significant idea expressing the growing aspiration of Da Nang and the object. Let me show you.

A new display of Da Nang’s artistic architecture. This is the first form of tree request in Southeast Asia, inaugurated and adequately announced on the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang. Dragon Bridge was started construction in July 2009 with an investment of more than 1,700 billion. A unique feature of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City is that six lanes are running with a width of 37.5 metres and up to 666m long. Besides, the bridge is quite elaborate when the page is a lighting system consisting of LEDs totaling 15,000 bulbs. It must be repeated again for this complicated bridge design, extremely unique and impressive.

I will show you some fantastic things about this location. Based on traveler’s reviews, Da Nang and Dragon Bridge is the best tour in Vietnam. Please book the accommodations near the center, and you will have a great holiday in this city.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City

What Are The Highlights of Dragon Bridge?

Da Nang Dragon Bridge Vietnam is sprayed with five layers of paint to prevent corrosion, the effects of external influences and create color for the dragon body. The recognizable feature of the bridge is the model of the steel beam structure system in the form of a dragon flying over the Han River, facing the sea.

This is said to be an exceptional, unique design in the world of bearing structures that is a combination of steel beams, steel arches, and concrete beams. In addition to architectural impressions, Dragon Bridge Da Nang is also planned with the function to surprise visitors, that can spray fire and spray water. This is a magnet to attract tourists from all over the world to tourism in Da Nang. The bridge is on the left side if going from the center of the city.

History of Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

At the end of 2005: Da Nang organized a contest of designing Dragon Bridge architecture with the participation of 8 design consultancy units (including 4 Vietnamese companies, 2 Japanese companies, 1 German company, and one company. America). These companies presented 17 design options.

October 2007: Choosing the Dragon Bridge design plan of the consortium The Louis Berger and Ammann & Whitney (USA).

December 17, 2008: The People’s Committee of Da Nang approved the project July 19, 2009: The bridge started constructions on the east bank of Han River (the same day as the inauguration ceremony of the nearby Thuan Phuoc Bridge). Attending the inauguration ceremony were Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and many high-ranking government officials. The bridge was designed and completed by The Louis Berger and Ammann & Whitney joint venture in 2013.

The main span was completed on October 26, 2012.

The bridge – on the left side from the center – was officially opened to traffic and put into use on March 29, 2013, on the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - History

Dragon Bridge Good Structure in Vietnam, let me show you!

Dragon Bridge is the 6th bridge and the newest bridge over the Han River. Since the bridge resembles a dragon, it is called Dragon Bridge is 666 metres long and 37.5 meters wide with 6 lanes running. It started bridges on July 19, 2007, and officially opened to traffic in 2013, with a cost of nearly 1.5 trillion dongs (the US $ 88m).

The bridge was designed by Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers with Louis Berger Group. The bridge is done by Traffic Construction Corporation 1. This modern bridge crosses the Han River at the Le Dinh Duong / Bach Dang roundabout, creating the shortest route from Da Nang International Airport to the main roads in Da Nang, and a direct way to the beach. My Khe and Non-Nuoc Beach on the eastern edge of the city.

Dragon Brigde in Da Nang with a modern lighting system and resonant sound and light within a radius of 300 metres in the area of ​​the fiery dragon with scenarios and topics such as legendary Ngu Hanh Son, legendary Miraculous Han River, where the Dragon came to bloom … interwoven and performed together to create a unique and new dance.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Structure

What Time Dragon Bridge Spits Fire And Water?

The bridge – on the left side from the center – is designed and built in the shape of a dragon capable of spewing fire and water spraying in real life. Currently, fire breathing and spraying time start to show at 21:00 every Saturday and Sunday; and significant holidays. Dragon s head towards the beach.

Let’s explore the fire show and spitting of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang. You can book hotels near the Han River to walk in the morning.

Fire Breathing

According to the design, the dragon on the bridge can show to spit fire for two minutes and the next 3 minutes on Saturday and Sunday night to spray fire, making the bridge an impressive, unique, and attractive highlight in Da Nang City.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Fire Breathing

At the request of the leaders of Da Nang city on fire spraying: to spray off the sections, create a halo of fire with a diameter of 2-3 meters and go from 8-10 meters away, the halo must achieve high aesthetics, in harmony with the landscape and environment, absolutely not to damage the surface and structure of the architectural works. The flame must be sprayed at an angle of 15-45 degrees, pointing upwards from the longitudinal direction and without any ash or falling fire oil. The fire oil is wholly burned, creating fire and smoke, convenient for operation and maintenance; the equipment must be modern, absolutely safe, and able to work in different weather conditions…

In fact, during the test breathe-fire on March 6, 2013, the bridge sprayed 9 fireballs with the diameter of each fire-ball reaching from 3 to 4 meters and the halo of fire going from 10 to 15 meters. Through test breathe-fire measurements, the bridge in one performance night consumes 54-81 liters of oil and about 2kWh of electricity for the fire. The total cost at that fire time was from 2 million VND to 2.5 million VND. In the future, the flame spraying device system will be improved in the “Dragon with a jewel” style. When the fire is fired, the front half of the jewel will open, and when the spray is finished, the gem will close automatically.

Water Spitting

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Water Spraying

Spraying liquid is not like breathing fire; the cost for a night of liquid breathing Dragon (3 minutes) only costs about 200,000 VND to 250,000 VND at the same time as the trial price. One injection (3 minutes) requires 20m3 of liquid and 40kWh of electricity. The Dragon does not spray a thick stream of water but spits liquid into powerful and beautiful steam, expressing the desire to reach out of Da Nang. To do this, the bridge was created to hold 20 cubic meters of water and 325 cubic meters of compressed air, generating tens of thousands of cubic meters of steam and water at a rate of 1.944 l / s.

Which Activities Can You Do Near Dragon Bridge Vietnam?

There are lots of exciting activities around the Dragon s head and foot – with 666m long – that you can refer to. With a location along the Han River, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the city and have the opportunity to keep memorable memories with many exciting nightlife activities here. I will create a few tours based on traveler reviews.

Visit sightseeing, local markets, and taste local delicious food.

First, let’s show the famous landmarks around the Dragon Bridge on the center’s left side. Dragon Bridge is the 6th bridge over the Han River and is one of the world’s 30 most unique bridges. This is a symbol of development and a leading entertainment destination for people and tourists everywhere when coming to the coastal city of Da Nang. The bridge is also the area that connects the main routes to the Non-Nuoc Beach tourist area.

I will show you now!

  1. Check-in from a Dragon Carp stone statue: Not far from Dragon Bridge, from this angle, you can get both the Dragon Bridge and the special dragon carp every times. Its location is in Dien Bien Phu street. Show me now!
  2. Taken from the middle of the river: Following the cruise ships along the bank of the Han River, you can easily capture the panorama of the Dragon Bridge, especially in the shimmering LED lights.
  3. Check-in from tall riverside buildings: With various tall buildings along the riverbank, you can choose for yourself from a high angle to capture the entire Dragon Bridge into the lens. I read lots of great reviews about the activity. Show me!
  4. Taken from a riverside beach: From the riverside beaches, especially the area near the bridge’s foot – the best site that you can capture the magnificent scenery of the Dragon Bridge spraying liquid or fire. You can work at My Khe beach too.
  5. Check-in from a park with a gem statue: The unique gem statue garden on the Han River is also one of the impressive Dragon Bridge angles that you can find in the city. They will show you about modern beauty in culture. Share with us!

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Sightseeing

What Are The Night Markets Near Dragon Bridge in Vietnam?

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Night Markets

Son Tra Market is located on Ly Nam De Street intersecting Mai Hac De, An Hai Tay Ward, Son Tra, Da Nang, located right on a convenient road, very close to the Dragon Bridge; Love Bridge is a sightseeing place. Convenient shopping when visiting Da Nang. Coming to this night market, visitors can comfortably shop, eat at food stalls, shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, specialties, dried seafood… Lots of great reviews about the activity. Show me!

The strength here is the souvenirs; you can easily find yourself from specialties to ceramics, lanterns, clothes, and hats to buy as gifts.

You can also enjoy several local dishes, the seafood here, the words are interspersed with product display stalls, so it is easy to choose, with a typical flavor of your child and Da Nang people.

Besides visiting and eating at the market, visitors also conveniently watch programs such as Dragon Bridge spraying liquid, spraying fire, visiting Love Bridge, parks, tourist pier, experiencing the bustling atmosphere at night on the Han River.

  • Address: Ly Nam De Street intersects Mai Hac De
  • Opening hours: 18-24 hours everyday, free of charge.

Play some games

Located near Dragon Bridge, welcome you to Sun World Asian Park. Now do some tours in the park and show great activities.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Asia Park Games

Sun World Wonders, also known as Asia Park, is the most popular modern amusement park in this city. Park has a large area of ​​nearly 900,000m2 with 22 games. You have to go for almost a day to experience it all. Located on the banks of the Han River, players playing games at the Park will be able to see the beautiful city from different angles. Games at Sun World have many adventure games. They show you about the beaches’ atmosphere.

It is also known as the park exhibiting fantastic culture. It is characterized by highlights from cultures worldwide, such as Japan, Cambodia, Korea, China, and Vietnam. Not just an amusement park, Sun World is also a place that regularly organizes events and festivals bearing Asian cultural identity. It can be referred to as the International Dragon Lion Festival on September 2, or the Lantern Festival attracts a large number of tourists. Show me!

Sun World is located in the heart of the city, so visitors can easily search here. At the same times, the park is open all week from Monday to Sunday. Whenever you want to visit this city and have fun, it’s okay!

  • Address: 01 Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.
  • Opening hours: 15h – 22h (Monday to Friday) and from 9 am – 10 pm (Saturday and Sunday); free of charge
Object  Regular day fare Ticket price on Lunar New Year
Other province Adults (> 1m4): 199,000 VND / person combo Buffet + entrance ticket

Children (1m – 1m4): 125,000 VND / person

Adults (> 1m4): 300,000 VND / person

Children (1m – 1m4): 200,000 VND / person

Da Nang People Adults: 100,000 VND / person

Children: 80,000 VND / person

Adults: 300,000 VND / person

Children: 200,000 VND / person

When you own an Asia Park ticket, you can:

  1. Enjoy 22 popular adventure games with unlimited participation. Visitors will visit the unique architecture here, such as the dragon boat, clock tower, Angkor Wat temple…
  2. Free to participate in games such as coin games, Softplay games for kids…

Note: You will receive preferential fare for Danang people when you have an ID / ID card or documents confirming your permanent residence in this city.

Sun World opens everyday. You can come here whenever you want. However, there are plenty of exciting games and cultural venues here. So you should go early to be able to visit and participate in many games. Do you want any offers? Let me show it.

The most appropriate times to be here is from 16:00 to 17:00. This is the times when the weather starts to cool. The Asia Park campus has also begun to shine beautifully. The games here are mainly outdoors; you come at these times to have fun without being afraid of the weather. Lots of games show us the attractions of the area.

Going to Sun World, you don’t need to prepare too much. You can buy tickets from before or come here to buy them directly. In your luggage to travel to Da Nang, you should prepare some comfortable outfits and bring sports shoes, low-heeled shoes to facilitate travel and play at Sun World. It is also important to note that you should also pack some cash in your pocket if you want to buy things. And prepare yourself to explore the space and games at Sun World! Show me now!

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Asia Park Games

Explore A Food Tour In Da Nang Night Market

Among the famous places to visit and have fun during the days, Da Nang is unique because the markets are always crowded. Here, you will be immersed in the locals’ vibrant atmosphere: fun activities, shopping, and enjoying various cuisines of the beautiful middle region. What do you think about weekend tours?

Helio Market

Referring to the Da Nang market, the Helio market is one of the prominent and famous markets. This market is scorching because here, you can satisfy all your requirements, from comfortable and affordable eating, shimmering check-in, shopping, listening to music every night to having fun. Ga forgot the way back. Helio will show us the fantastic food in the middle area.

Helio Market is the culinary paradise at night in Da Nang with hundreds of delicious dishes of all types from snacks, whole food, seafood buffet, baked goods, beer, milk tea, lemon tea, ice cream… Well, you can search for anything you want to eat here everyday.

In addition to a diverse food court, the Helio market also attracts a crowded shopping district, easy-to-buy items, cute accessories, giving you a lot of choices according to your preferences. More specifically, the Helio market has a very chill beer and grill space, but perhaps going around Da Nang, you can hardly find the second area. It is a real festival space with a beautiful context. Place on the majestic lights with hundreds of new beers, and countless delicious barbecue dishes, you just have to choose for yourself a barbecue and sit there sipping a few cans of beer, enjoying the bustling tunes at the stage what is more interesting, right.

If you’ve finished shopping, you want to play something to digest food efficiently. You can play carnival games that are easy to play, easy to pick up gifts right next to them, or visit the Metiz theater to watch some hot movies, too complete for you a beautiful evening, right. With an average price of dishes ranging from 5 – 35 thousand VND, entrance completely free, the Helio market is a fascinating choice that cannot be missed when you want to find an area to have fun at night. , to better understand the life and culture of Da Thanh. Show me now!

  • Address: Road 2/9, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: 17-22h30 everyday; admission is free.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Da Nang Night Market

Thanh Khe Tay Market

Located along the Phu Loc river, next to residential areas, universities, colleges… Thanh Khe Tay market is a concentrated shopping place, meeting the needs of entertainment, shopping, the cuisine of young people, tourists from near and far, and the people in the area.

Thanh Khe Tay Market has a scale of more than 220 stalls. It is an area for dealing with various items such as fashion, bags, shoes, souvenir products, gifts, regional specialties and food courts, beverages…

On holidays and every weekend, the outdoor stage area also regularly organizes cultural exchanges, events such as light festivals, and beautifully decorated lantern street areas. Tourists can both visit and take souvenir photos, or participate in particular folk games…

What is more excellent than walking on the road along the river, immersing in people’s bustling atmosphere, while enjoying the rich culinary features typical of Quang Nam – Da Nang people. This is also a nightlife venue that you cannot miss. The market will show you lots of amazing things in the city. Show me now!

  • Address: Yen Khe 1 Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang.
  • Opening hours: 18-24 hours everyday

Le Duan Market

Le Duan market is located in the center of Da Nang, so it is very convenient for shopping. Dubbed the “toad” market on the shopping street, the market has been in business for 6 to 7 years and has quickly become an indispensable area of this city’s people.

Le Duan Market is a spontaneous market located in a simple, rustic place between luxury fashion shops on Le Duan street. However, it still attracts a large number of shoppers, especially Da Thanh youth who shop at night. The market items are relatively cheap, with a full range of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Goods are incredibly diverse in colors, materials, and designs. If you take the times to hunt, you will buy the right items at a low price.

Besides, the Le Duan market also has small food stalls with popular dishes such as sugarcane juice, juice, baked rice paper, sandwiches… priced from only 5-15 thousand VND. Le Duan market has an area not too large. So when you come here, you should park your car outside and walk inside. Wandering around the Le Duan market to hunt for a few small items, cheap re is also a pretty good choice when visiting Da Nang.

  • Address: Kiet 144 Le Duan, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: 19-23 hours everyday

Hoa Khanh Market

Hoa Khanh Market is a famous market in Da Nang, located in lots of universities and colleges, so it attracts a lot of young students who are students to shop and trade. More than 100 stalls are operating continuously, selling all kinds of clothing, shoes to cosmetics, fruit, and food stalls.

Featured at the entrance to Hoa Khanh market is a spacious and hygienic food court with dozens of stalls. From afar, you can smell the scent of the dishes in this food court, such as popcorn, grilled quail, steamed chips, grilled seafood dishes, chicken feet, and a lot of soft drinks. The price here is also relatively low, only from 40-50k / item.

Going through the food court will be the area selling clothes and cosmetics with a variety of categories. Clothing in the market is too cheap, with a full range of popular styles in the market. With the price from 50-100k, you can buy pretty fashion items, accessories here. The typical advertisement: “35k, 50k go and choose my sister” will make a strong impression on you from the booths here. Show me now.

  • Address: Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: 18-23 hours every day

Hopefully, with the introduction of the most famous markets in Da Nang, you will have your options. Do not lie in the hotel; spend a little time eating, relaxing, exploring the night market, or else it will be an unfortunate thing. Why not do a tour right away?

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - Da Nang Night Market

How Can You Get To Dragon Bridge?

Let’s show you some way to visit Dragon Bridge! Do you have several offers?

How Can You Get to Dragon Bridge From Center?

Getting to Dragon Bridges from the city center is not too difficult for tourists. Because it’s merely in the city center. There are lots of means of transportation with fast and convenient times. In addition to its cultural significance, this bridge is also a majestic symbol of the beautiful central city, at the same times located at the intersection of the primary and most famous roads.

Those are the streets, including Tran Phu street, Bach Dang, Nguyen Van Linh, Le Dinh Duong, and 2/9 … You can stroll on the sidewalk while waiting for the moment the city shines with LED lights.

If you go along from the direction of Nguyen Van Linh Street, it will be on your left side.

That’s when you’re inside the city, so if the hotel you stay in is near the ocean, which way do you have to go?

Well, let’s start from Vo Nguyen Giap Street and follow the length of My Khe beach. In front of your eyes is a roundabout between Vo Van Kiet Street and Vo Nguyen Giap street. From there, simply turn left and walk straight until you see the first roundabout. The bridges will appear. You should book rooms in the center and near the bridge. You just need to walk or ride a bike and turn left to watch it in the center.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - How to get there

How Can You Get to Dragon Bridge from Hoi An Vietnam?

There are a lot of options when moving from Hoian to Dragon Bridges. You can use public transport, rent a motorbike or a private car. The bus is the cheapest and is relatively good. You can take a bus from Hoi An to the city center and stop right at the Cham Museum. You only need to walk for a few minutes to see the Dragon Bridges. It is very close. Buses operate everyday, until 5:00 PM.

Explore Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City - How to get there

According to some reviews, riding a motorbike is a great experience coming to Da Nang. I also consider these to be the best things to do when you want to know and see the whole city. You can make a tour of the city center to the beaches.

If you drive on your motorbike, the highway from An Bang beach to the roundabout and turning left to enter Vo Van Ki will be the best choice.

Hotels near Dragon Bridge

Vanda Hotel

Vanda is a hotel near Dragon Bridge, which many tourists love because of its convenient location and impressive direct view of Dragon Bridge. With a 4-star standard, the hotel’s location is on Nguyen Van Linh Street – the center of Da Nang. Vanda Hotel has charming rooms with Dragon Bridge view and full amenities, and excellent service quality to satisfy you when staying here. You can book places on the online website or Airbnb, TripAdvisor. Walk from Nguyen Van Linh for 2 minutes and turn left to this bridge. Show me when you stay here.

Brilliant Da Nang

Brilliant – a 4-star hotel near Dragons Bridge, is in a beautiful location on Bach Dang Street near the romantic Han River banks. At Brilliant, you can watch the coastal city’s panoramic view with famous bridges such as Dragons Bridge, Han River Bridge, with brilliant artistic light in the evening, contributing to this city’s modern and unique beauty. The bridge is on the left side—book rooms on the online website or Airbnb, TripAdvisor.

It can show all the beauty of this city. Best choice!

Mitisa Motel

Mitisa – with lots of good reviews – is on Nguyen Van Linh street connecting the Dragons Bridge with City International Airport. With a 3-star standard, the Mitisa motel is highly appreciated by tourists for its clean, comfortable rooms and friendly staff. The rooftop swimming pool area with a panoramic view of the city is an excellent area for you to admire the Dragon Bridge. The bridge is on the left side. You can book rooms on the online website or Airbnb, TripAdvisor.

I hope that sharing in this article can show you make more choices and keep memorable memories of this beautiful young city and the world-famous Dragon Bridge. Please pay attention to finding accommodation in the city center because it is very convenient to move and visit Dragons Bridge. It’s on the left side if going from the inner city. Book a few hotels nearby seems to be justified. Show me some of your lovely pictures and photos of here.

Table of Contents

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