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An Bang Beach – Hoi An

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An Bang beach stretches 5km to the north of Cua Dai Beach, and 4km from the center of Hoi An ancient town. In the past few years, An Bang beach has become more and more attractive tourist destination when coming to Hoi An, along with the development of rich tourism services.

This coastal village has a steady increase in the number of visitors every year, with restaurants and bars open all night; and expanded spas, massages or water sports and music activities. In 2016, An Bang Beach was named in the nominated list of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNN, thereby creating a buzz in the media and international friends.

In the past, An Bang beach was seen as a quiet and quiet neighbor of the crowded Cua Dai. Today, An Bang beach becomes an indispensable place in the itinerary of all visitors when coming to Hoi An. Just immersed in the blue sea and lying on the sand, you can forget your worries in life. Many visitors hope that An Bang will not become urbanized and lose its rustic beauty by modern buildings or luxury resorts.

An Bang Beach is a true paradise! Found by following Hai Ba Trung out of town, An Bang

has become the choice beach in Hoi An. Marked by the rustic landscape and friendly and hospitable people, An Bang beach in Cam An district, Quang Nam emerged as an attractive tourist destination on the tourist map of Vietnam. Find out more.

an bang beach hoi an
An Bang Beach

About An Bang Beach – What should you know?

Blue sea, golden sunshine, white sand and soaring coconut trees – An Bang is a wonderful summer vacation paradise for anyone!

After the great beach has been eroded and lost its appeal in recent years, An Bang has become an alternative destination when tourists visit Hoi An and want to enjoy the fresh sea air. As shared above, in 2016, An Bang was voted by CNN magazine in the top 100 most beautiful beaches in the world – what a pride of Vietnam!

From a sleepy seaside village, An Bang has flourished today and is famous for its outstanding local tourist services. Tourists visiting this beach, mostly from Korea, Europe and Japan, also have a large number of local tourists nearby on weekends.

It is not difficult to explain because An Bang beach became so famous at present. Along the stretching white sand beaches, you can admire a peaceful and beautiful scene. In comparison to Da Nang city and Son Tra peninsula in the north, or Cu Lao Cham island in the south, you will easily be impressed by a fresh, airy sea with dotted fishing boats.

Although it is currently the busiest beach in Hoi An Vietnam, you can still easily find yourself a quiet space by walking along the coast in the distance. Or, get up early in the morning and catch the sunrise on the beach; or wait for the sun to set, and watch the boats with the light of electricity fish squid from afar.

Facilities and living conditions in An Bang have been significantly improved. We can easily find ATMs, banks, grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations here, instead of moving into the old town center as before.

The ideal time to visit An Bang is during the dry season (between March and September every year). During this season, the sun is bright, the temperatures are high and the water is calm. Great for your summer vacation and for your family!

Currently, in An Bang, you can hardly find many expensive five-star resorts, instead small hotels and homestays are more popular with traditional Vietnamese designs.

There is a long row of restaurants, eateries and pubs along the coast, with benches on the sand. You definitely can’t miss the evening here. Food in An Bang is extremely diverse, with influences from many countries around the world from France, Russia to Greece, Italy. However, do not forget to enjoy seafood – the outstanding food of the sea – in your dinner with an outdoor barbecue or tasty spicy hotpot dish.

You can enjoy hours of sunbathing by the beach with a glass of juice or cool coconut water. During the summer vacation in Vietnam from June to August, families bring their children here and gather, cook seafood and have fun all night.

soul kitchen hoi an
Soul Kitchen Hoi An

Getting to An Bang Beach – How can I go?

There are many ways to get from Hoi An to An Bang Beach. You can even visit An Bang Beach Hoi An directly from Da Nang city and then visit Hoi An, or vice versa. This place is approximately 5 kilometers from Hoi An ancient town and the fastest moving route from Hai Ba Trung – the road going through Tran Phu street inside the old town to the coast.

The most popular means of transportation are probably taxi ride and Grab – regular trips between the Old Town and An Bang Beach every day. If you love sports and admire the surroundings, you can get to An Bang with some personal means such as bicycles, motorbikes – easily rentable from customers or shops in town.

Traffic moving here is relatively clear; during non-peak hours, it only takes about 10 minutes by taxi for approximately $ 3.5 when traveling from Hoi An to the beach (it takes around 20 to 30 minutes if you cycle or 15 minutes if you ride motorbikes).

You can also refer to another longer route from Hoi An to An Bang beach, along the coastline from CuaDai beach and Long quan road. This route can introduce you to lesser known sceneries along the Hoi An coastline.

With taxi ride – one of the popular transports to An Bang, you can take note of a few popular taxi providers and book them on arrival in Hoi An. For example, you can book Mai Linh taxi (green taxis color) for about $ 3.5 for the trip from Hoian to An Bang. It will be difficult to catch a taxi in the late afternoon or late night on the road, so make sure you have the contact numbers of a few drivers or public transport providers in Hoi An.

Parking in An Bang

If you travel by private vehicle, go to the end of Hai Ba Trung Street. There are lots of vacant lots and parking areas for motorbikes and bikes. You can also park your car in restaurants or cafes not far away for as low as $ 1 for take-away drinks.

The centralized parking spots at the beach range from $ 0.2 to $ 1; especially with showers and toiletries after you swim. Every water sport has its own separate activity area, swimming areas get safety supervision. The altitude of the sea water changes many times per day, so you should bring swimming goggles to protect your eyes.

hoi an vietnam beach
An Bang Beach view

Which things can we do in An Bang Beach?

Unlike Mui Ne, Ninh Thuan, Viet Nam with a long beach with high winds, An Bang Beach stands out with its calm and quiet water. You will find it difficult to surf or paraglide here, instead it is suitable for swimming and paddleboarding.

You can recommend a sunrise paddleboarding trip, sometimes there are some big waves coming in from Da Nang, you can also surf, but not too often. If you really want to experience something local, drive to Cua Dai, not far away, with small cafes with a few rows of plastic chairs neatly arranged. You can admire the wild and vast East Vietnam Sea, capturing these beautiful images.

In addition, visitors to An Bang are also very interested in yoga or wellness activities.

Sunbathing & swimming in beach

With peaceful scenery and fresh air, it’s great to relax with some music and books, lie on a sunbathing or catch the sunrise in the early morning. You can find yourself some umbrellas and benches while walking along the beach, and rent them from nearby cafes or restaurants. If you only want to use chairs and umbrellas, the fee ranges from 1 or 2 dollars; if you order drinks you will receive free seat rental.

Swimming here is also very safe with clean and calm seawater. This is also one of the most popular water sports activities on this beach.

Water sports with variety of activities

In An Bang Beach, you can jet ski and parasailing. There are different prices, averaging around $ 25 for jet skis, and $ 30 for parasailing. These servicing units can be found at the corner of Soul Beach Restaurant.

From October to April every year, you can surf.

Yoga and wellness in the morning

Recently, along the beach, you can easily find small groups of people practicing yoga or other health sports. They also regularly hold meditation classes, however, you need to get up early to be able to join or ask the help of the hotel staff.

cham island
Locals swim in An Bang beach

Restaurants & Nightlife in An Bang

Along Hai Ba Trung Street going out to the beach, you can see a series of crowded cafes and restaurants. Unlike in Cu Lao Cham island, you will have more options for your lunch or dinner in An Bang beach Hoi An, from local food, Vietnamese specialties, or Western dishes. The vegetarian dishes, seafood and drinks here are also diverse.

If you love the unique experiences of the locals, you can visit the local market – open from early morning to late evening – with popular rice dishes, Vietnamese noodles, traditional cakes or sweet soups with cheap prices.

At weekends, An Bang beach bustles with many other tourists coming from the surrounding areas to visit. Foreign and local tourists, in addition to swimming, boating or canoeing, enjoy fresh seafood dishes with family and friends at the restaurants around the beach. Couples often choose places close to the beach to enjoy private space with vibrant live music.

When sunset comes, this town becomes romantic and beautiful with a peaceful setting, you can take pictures and capture these wonderful moments with your partner.

The night in An Bang beach Hoian is relatively quiet, but it is not difficult to find an entertainment place or somewhere to eat, meet friends and listen to acoustic music.

Some famous names in An Bang beach that you can not ignore such as Soul Kitchen, Shore Club An Bàng, Bungalow Beach bar. In addition, with the current fast speed of tourism development, you can find some new names while walking along Nguyen Phan Vinh Street – Tan Thanh Beach – or walking 10 minutes along the coastline.

You also don’t need to make a reservation – rarely, you can go directly to the restaurant and request a seat for your group.

Here is a list of a few cafes, restaurants, fast food and nightlife in An Bang that you can consult.

sol an bang beach resort spa
Walking path to the beach

Cafes and Fast Food

Burger Craft

Open: 11:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: near corner Hai Ba Trung and Nguyen Phan Vinh

Tasty ice cream and burger on the beach

Blu Mart Greek Souvlaki

Open: 9:00 AM – Close: 9:00 PM

Location: Hai Ba Trung Street

Low prices and the only Greek-spoken staff at An Bang beach

Driftwood Cafe, Woodfired Pizza

Open: 12:00 PM – Close: 9:00 PM (Tuesday – Sunday)

Location: 127 Nguyen Phan Vinh Street

Firewood grilled pizza at an affordable price in Hoi An

Bungalow Beach Bar

Open: 12:00 PM – Close: 12:00 Am

Location: 101 Nguyen Phan Vinh Street

Delicious food,  amazing beer, and good music – Kick up your nightlife!


Cay Me

Open: 7:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: 2 Restaurants in Nguyen Phan Vinh Street left sides

Family restaurant with fresh seafood and healthy juices

The Deck House and Shore Club

Open: 7:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: Along beach left sides

Luxury, high price with resort style

Le 20 Hoi An

Open: 5:00 PM – Close: 10:00 PM (Monday – Saturday)

Location: Left sides in Nguyen Van Vinh Street

European restaurant with diverse dishes

The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant

Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 8:00 PM

Location: Right sides along beach

Vegan restaurant, multilingual menu and close to the sea

Starfish (Sao Bien)

Open: 7:30 AM – Close: 11:30 PM

Location: Nguyen Phan Vinh Street left sides

Family restaurant, vietnamese food, fresh seafood at cheap prices

Luna D’autunno

Open: 9:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: Left sides in the beach

Italian restaurant with delicious wood-baked pizza

The H’mong Sisters

Open: 9:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: Left sides in the beach

Western style with high-end French, Iberian and Moroccan dishes

Seaweed Restaurant

Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 11:00 PM

Location: 115 Nguyễn Phan Vinh Street

Vietnamese restaurant with local dishes and cheap traditional barbecue

Soul Kitchen Hoi An and Soul Beach

Open: 7:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: along the An Bang Beach

Delicious Vietnamese food, live music and enjoy the nightlife in An Bang


Soul Kitchen

Open: 7:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: An Bang Beach left sides

Near the sea, diverse food, live music from Wednesday to Sunday

The Deck House and Shore Club

Open: 7:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: Along beach left sides

Luxurious style, weekend live music, diverse food style

Soul Beach

Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 11:00 PM

Location: An Bang Beach left sides

Near the sea, Vietnamese food, live music every Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Bungalow Beach Bar

Open: 12:00 PM – Close: 12:00 Am

Location: 101 Nguyen Phan Vinh Street

Special food with 23 craft beers, large sports display


Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 2:00 AM

Location: Right sides in An Bang Beach

Restaurant, pub with nightlife dance, located right near the beach

Double Cat bar

Open: 11:00 AM – Close: 1:00 AM

Location: 113 Nguyen Van Vinh Street

Lounge with cocktails and alcoholic beverages


Enjoy the moments of massage, facials and pedicures, revitalization at the spa in An Bang, you can easily find such spa addresses.

At An Bang Hoi An Viet Nam beach, there are 2 spa locations that are regularly rated for the best service and quality. Besides luxury resorts and upscale hotels, Ocean Spa Hoian and Heaven Garden Spa are popular with tourists.

Please call to book for the best service!

Ocean Spa Hoi An

A mid-range spa, located in the heart of a busy beach, you can easily drop by after a day of hard activity. You can feel tranquility and relaxation with aloe vera body treatments, which is really great!

Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 9:00 PM (Wednesday – Sunday)

Location: An Bang Beach

Phone: +84 (0)93 555 8220

Heaven Garden Spa

On a low budget you can come to this spa although you’ll have to walk a bit further. Quiet space with 50-minute green tea wrap service as well as professional massage.

Open: 8:00 AM – Close: 10:00 PM

Location: 118 Nguyen Van Vinh Street

Phone: +84 (0)79 622 9432

Where should we stay in An Bang?

In An Bang, there are many options for overnight stay but less than Hoian or DaNang. Like other tourist resorts in Vietnam that you visit, homestays are a cheap and friendly option for those who need to save money and focus on the local experience. For groups of tourists or families with children, boutiques or resorts should give priority – the best choice for safe and comfort accommodations.

From around $ 50 or more, you’ll be able to find accommodations with chic and comfortable style, professional service with swimming pools and breakfast included. These hotels are usually close to the sea, convenient for a morning walk, watch sunrise or sunset, and are extremely quiet if you want to enjoy it after a busy time.

Apartments facing the sea usually have a higher price than beachfront rooms, ranging from $ 80 and up.

Here are a few places you can stay when coming to An Bang, which is appreciated by tourists for the best service and quality.

Please call to book rooms and get the best service!

beach bar
An Airbnb in An Bang

Hotels & Homestays

Some of the names with the best price options for you:

Under $50 From $50 – $100 $100 ++
An Bang Beach Dolphin Homestay Ocean House An Bang Aira Boutique Hoian Hotel & Villa
An Bang Beach Villa An Bang Flower House Daisy An Bang Villa

Here are the two best mid-range high-end hotels for guests in groups or families with young children that I recommend:

Sol An Bang Beach Resort Spa

4-star hotel, located in a prime location on the coast of An Bang, only about 4 kilometers from Hoi An

Location: 72 Nguyen Phan Vinh Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Tel: 0235 3937 579

Email Address:

Book now in website:

Hoi An Boutique Resort

Explore the rich heritage of Hoi An Vietnam beach at resort with a variety of traditional Vietnamese cuisine; Relax with a swimming pool surrounded by lush gardens and enjoy a luxury spa massage with a quiet and private space by the beach

Location: 34 Lac Long Quan Street, Cam An District, Hoi An City , Quang Nam ĐT:

Tel: +84 (0)235 3939 111

Book now in website:

HoiAn is a unique tourist destination that you should not miss when visiting Viet Nam, in which you take a day in your itinerary to enjoy the beauty of An Bang. Really deserves to spend a long vacation in this ancient town with its world-recognized historical heritage.

With your 5 days trip, spend one entire day visiting the old town and dining;  two days in An Bang and Cu Lao Cham and then back to DaNang. One of the best things about Hoian is the climate, very peaceful and pleasant.

Do not think that when you come to HoiAn you can only one place for visiting the local historical sites or cultural landmarks, you can enjoy sea parties all night or chat and dance with friends on the beaches. I have given the idea above this article.

Hope you have a memorable vacation in An Bang and Hoian, don’t forget to share with me!