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3-day tour in Hoi An – The Perfect Itinerary

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3 day Tour in Hoi An

Where is Hoi An in Viet Nam?

3 day tour in Hoi An

Hoi An old Town is an ancient town located in the lower Thu Bon River, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, central Vietnam, about 30 km south of Da Nang city. This town is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site in central Vietnam.

How to get to Hoi An?

How to get to Hoi An

To get to Hoi An Vietnam, you can travel by many ways such as by plane, train, passenger car or self-contained tour. Each type of transportation has its own advantages, but to have the most economical transport during 3 days in Hoi An, a car is one of the many ways to get to Hoi An. However, if you take the trouble to hunt for plane tickets, the cheap 3-day 2-night Hoi An tour by plane is completely possible. Let’s include three easiest ways to get to hoi an in your hoi an itinerary.


Hoi An does not have an airport, so if you want to tour Hoi An 3 days 2 nights by plane, you must choose the destination of Da Nang. From Danang airport to Hoi An takes about 30km. All domestic airlines such as Vietjet Air, Jestar Paciffic, VN airline and bamboo airways have flights to Danang from Ho Chi Minh City. To book plane tickets, you go to one airline’s website, required fields are marked so that you fill needed information,  just leave a reply and especially reply your email address, these fields are marked comment, then they will contact you as soon as possible. HCM and Hanoi to Da Nang and other provinces. A cheap travel experience in Hoi An is that if you want to own a cheap flight to Da Nang, it is best to book tickets from 3 to 6 months before the trip or from September to December. range 1,400k round-trip from Saigon and 1,800k from Hanoi. After arriving in Da Nang, you will take a taxi or bus back to Hoi An quite easily.


Traveling to Hoi An by train will have many interesting experiences, especially if you take off from Hanoi, you can see endless rice fields of Vietnam on the way to Hoi An, rice paddies are seen as a signature of Vietnam, but it will definitely take more time and effort. From the train station in Ha Hoi or train station in  Ho Chi Minh City if you want to go to Hoi An by train, you must go to Tam Ky (Quang Nam) by the North – South route. Ticket prices range from 500,000 to 1,500,000 VND  which is bought at the train station depending on hard seats, soft seats or different quality passenger carriages. After arriving in Tam Ky, you can rent a taxi to Hoi An. It sounds too long and complicated, right. Tour Hoi An 3 days 2 nights but sit on the train to go home for 2 days remaining 1 day then stay home and sleep well. So I do not encourage you to travel to Hoi An by train  if you have only 3 day 2 night tours!. To buy tickets, you visit website: , fill in the information needed and leave a reply your email address, you can buy train tickets online.


Traveling Hoi An by bus is even a more feasible way to get to Hoi An. Ticket prices from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to Hoi An normally range from 320,000 VND / ticket. You just need to take advantage of the special night car, just get on the bus and sleep, after a couple of hours you will arrive. Besides, the advantage is that by going to these car companies, you can go directly to Hoi An without having to transfer in Da Nang like other regular car companies or fly. To get coach tickets, you comment name email website: , then give information of published required fields, especially your number and email address, they will send you details if possible, required fields are marked on the website so that consider carefully the number of your group before sending requests.


Da Nang is about 30 km from Hoi An, so there are many ways to travel from Da Nang to Hoi An. In which the most used vehicle is by bike. Traveling by bike will take you just a few hours to reach Hoi An. Traveling by bike is not recommended for you on a 3 day 2 night trip if you start  from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. You do not need to leave your email address or marked comment name email because they lend bike directly at the stores.

3 days in Hoi An, Vietnam – Day 1

To begin your 3 day tour in Hoi An Vietnam, visiting a well-known tailor shop is an interesting experience for your day 1 in Hoi An Vietnam.

Tailor-Made Clothes At Peace Tailors????

peace tailors

This is a tailor shop located in the city center which is very convenient for people to walk around while shopping for great clothes on your first day trip. It is deserved to be mentioned first in your 3 day itinerary in Hoi An Vietnam.

In local tailor garment shops, there are many types from folding fabrics to designs. But I assure you won’t get confused. Coming to Peace Tailors, you will receive enthusiastic advice, extremely fast tailoring time thanks to a team of skilled workers. For an interesting experience, come to Peace Tailors garment shop. Skilled sewers will tailor beautiful tailor made dresses that fit you perfectly, which will give you a memorable experience on your first day.

Explore The Famous Ancient Old Town Of Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An

1. Stroll around the old town

When traveling to Hoi An ancient town, it is best to get around town, watching the old houses, empty alleys of this UNESCO world heritage site. Currently, Hoi An ancient town has banned all types of motorcycles and cars in the city. Places to visit are Tran Phu main street, Japanese bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Bach Dang, Phung Hung old house, Guangdong assembly hall, Chinese assembly hall … sets, you can rent a bicycle for 40, 000 VND / day with no extra cost. To visit the heritage area in the old town you will have to buy tickets, domestic tourists cost 45, 000 VND / person / visit; Foreign visitors

90, 000 VND / person / time with no extra cost. Group of 8 or more guests will be exempt from the guide fee. This is absolutely a good point in you Hoi An itinerary.

2. Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai is highly recommended as a beautiful beach and there are fresh seafood stalls available at cheap prices. Going to Cua Dai beach at night was also very nice because at that time the beach was vast, sparkling under the very romantic oil lamps. This beach is only 5 km from Hoi An ancient town, there are many ways for tourists to get here such as: Rent a bicycle, bike or taxi. If you are not used to walking, you can rent a bike for 120, 000 VND / day (not including gas). This is one of the best places for your relaxation in Hoi An, Vietnam.

3. Spectacular Thu Bon River

You can join a boat tour along the Thu Bon River. The two sides of the river have beautiful sand dunes, picturesque fields and mountains. Especially, sunset on Thu Bon River can make all visitors fall in love.

Immerse yourself in local culture along the river bank in the evening is the best way to finish your first full day experience in Hoi An, Vietnam

4. Visiting traditional craft villages

Kim Bong carpentry village: This craft village is located in Cam Kim commune opposite Hoi An ancient town, across the Thu Bon river. From the old town pier, it only takes you a 10 minute drive to get there by boat. The carpentry village artist Kim Bong used to be proud of the fact that their ancestors were invited to the capital by the Nguyen dynasty king to build and embellish the citadel works and mausoleums.

Tra Que Vegetable Village is also a good point for your day trip: Located 3 km north of Hoi An ancient town, Tra Que vegetable village in Cam Ha commune has been famous for a long time. Live vegetable farming in Tra Que has existed for more than 300 years and has been handed down to this day partly thanks to the natural conditions and favorable soil.

Cam Ha flower village: Come to Cam Ha flower village to feel the unique colors of the traditional flower growing area in Hoi An Vietnam. This is a small, lovely and hospitable craft village.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village: Located 3 km west of Hoi An, Vietnam (traveling by boat about 30 minutes from the old town’s pier), in the 16th and 17th centuries, Thanh Ha was a very prosperous and famous village. ceramic and terracotta items were exchanged and wholesaled throughout the central provinces of Vietnam. The pottery of the village originated from Thanh Hoa, after acquiring some technical capital, a pottery village was formed today.

Thanh Nam fishing village: This is also a very old traditional profession. Here you can combine visiting the fishing village and Cua Dai beach by boat or basket boat, try the feeling of being a fisherman.

5. Visiting Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is a cluster of islands in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, 18 km east of Cua Dai coast, about a 30-minute drive by speedboat. Cu Lao Cham is considered an outstanding pearl in terms of biodiversity with natural forests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and many valuable aquatic species.

If you are backpackers, visitors can experience the night in Cu Lao Cham, just rent a tent (50,000VND) + pay an overnight stay of 20,000VND. Bathing in Cu Lao Cham should be careful with the clear jellyfish, touching the body will itch a bit uncomfortable.

6. Shopping

Lanterns in Hoi An are quite beautiful, light and collapsible, so they are very suitable for tourists to buy as souvenirs before going back to your daily basis. Can be purchased on Tran Phu street at Tuoi Ngoc, Ngoc Thu or on Le Loi street. The price is not too expensive, only a few tens of thousands of one. In addition, shoes and souvenirs in Hoi An are also quite plentiful and beautiful.

3 days in Hoi An, Vietnam – Day 2

Hoi An Cooking Class

Hoi An Cooking Class

It is worth spending one of your three days in Hoi An joining some cooking classes to find out the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, this is the best way to understand Vietnamese cusine and culture. Come to Scout Café Hai at 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc to meet the chefs. First, you will have a first lesson of purchasing typical Vietnamese ingredients used in cooking lessons later in local markets. After visiting the market, you board the Cau Do boat for a leisurely 25-minute journey along the Hoi An River to cook at Cau Do School. This is an opportunity to see river life. Hoi An Half-day cooking class was built by Vietnamese locals for people who don’t have a lot of time in Hoi An.

You start Hoian Cooking class at 8:15 am. Enjoy a welcome drink at Hai Café (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc) – our rendezvous point before the cooking time of your class. Visit Hoi An’s colorful bazaar, and experience the amazing sights, sounds and scents of these busy markets. You will have the opportunity to interact with local vendors and learn about all the ingredients used in the cooking lessons afterwards.

You will board the Red jetty for a leisurely (25 minute) cruise along the Hoi An river to Cau Do School. This is an opportunity to see local river life, so make sure your camera is handy.

Upon arrival, we explored the culinary school’s herb garden, before learning about some of Vietnamese and Hoi An local famous dishes. Cooking lessons run for about 2 hours – the first Cau Do chefs demonstrate each dish before we prepare the dishes. Included in the class is a brief introduction to free etching food (decorative plates). After the lesson, sit down and eat what you’ve cooked.

Bring your swimsuit and after the cooking tour relax and enjoy free use of our 20 meter pool – towels and showers provided.



– Drinks (non-alcoholic) at Scout Café Hai.

– Drinks (non-alcoholic) and 1 drink at Cau Do.

– English-speaking tour guide and chef.

– Boat ride.

Demonstration cooking and lunch.

– All recipes and notes.

– Transferred from Cau Do Cooking School to Hoi An center.

– Complimentary use of the new Cau Do swimming pool (towels & baths are provided).

Taxis are available back to the area / town beach for about $ 3-4 per US vehicle.


– Full payment is required at time of booking – no refunds are issued.

– No kid price.

– Cooking tour operates every day of the year (8: 15-01: 00).

– Tour is conducted in English.

Vegetarian is provided with alternative ingredients.


Group 1 2 3 4 5-8
VND 3,014,000 ₫ 1,584,000 ₫ 1,078,000 ₫ 858,000 ₫ 726,000 ₫

Cooking recipe:

– Rice paper (making)

– Fresh Rice Paper Rolls of shrimp

– Crispy Assembly Pancakes with Shrimps, herbs, Bean Sprouts & a Peanut Sauce

– Seafood Salad with Vietnamese mixed Herbs served in Pineapple Half

– Quang Nam Style Noodles with fresh chicken

– Food decoration – Pineapple boat, 3 colors Flower & Vietnamese Fan hand

To register this cooking class, visit and give them marked comment name email or comment name email website then fill in published required fields and book a seat.

Lanterns And Night Markets

Lanterns And Night Markets

The night market in Hoi An usually starts at 5pm, lasts until about 11am, when visitors are gone, the night market is also gradually sparser. In Hoi An, there are quite a few large and small night markets, but famously known as the largest night market, attracting the most tourists is Nguyen Hoang night market, the central market. One of the many good things to do is to get around Hoi An night market.

The night market is located right across from Hoi An Bridge Pagoda, so it’s easy for visitors to walk here. You can take advantage of a walk, watch the river forever and enjoy some specialties before moving towards the night market. With a length of about 300, there are up to 50 different large and small stalls, ideal for visitors to visit, admire and shop.

What’s the interesting thing about Hoi An night market?

Enjoy the nightlife of Hoi An ancient town

If the day is quiet, when the night comes, Hoi An night market is like wearing a brand new coat, filled with light and the flow of people is always crowded like a festival.

Tourists come here to shop are few but simply to see the streets and Vietnamse culture. Because, the feeling of walking on the street, immersing in the busy stream of people and enjoying the night beauty of the old street is nothing more wonderful. That is why I always recommend for visitors to go at night, instead of boring daytime and have nothing to play.

Shop for souvenirs

If you have come to Hoi An, at least you should buy something to make a souvenir, here people display and sell all kinds of goods to see the dizziness. Mainly souvenirs, sometimes brocade bags, diamonds, bracelets to more valuable items such as clothes, bags, etc. If you look closely, you will see The details printed on these items are conical hats and ao dai, which are typical symbols of the Vietnamese people.

Perhaps, the most marine item in Hoi An night market is probably the whole world, souvenir pottery because this place is also the source of pottery. If you love tiny, lovely pottery and above all learn about the culture of a traditional craft village, visitors can come to Thanh Ha pottery village – a famous craft village with over 500 years old.

Besides the big shirt, there is no shortage of fabrics, silk shirts with all colors and designs. This is also really nothing special because Hoi An is also very famous for the traditional silk village, is a “living museum” of mulberry farming, silkworm raising and silk production for export abroad.

Coming to Hoi An night market, of course, there will be no shortage of colorful temple cages, which are also a “product” only in the old town, so it’s easy for visitors to find and buy a lantern product, just to bring back as a gift

Enjoy delicious – nutritious – cheap specialties of Hoi Hoi at night

Traveling to Hoi An, if you are afraid of being cut down or afraid to go to expensive restaurants along the road, the night market will definitely be an ideal destination for extremely cheap food with deliciousness, you should not discuss. Like many other markets, the old town night market gathers a lot of street vendors, selling mainly Hoi An’s own specialties such as Quang noodles, high-rise buildings, oysters with rice paper, grilled corn, etc.

No need for luxurious spaces, the simple simplicity of the old town is also in the street vendors in the night market. Just a small table containing billions of things, surrounded by small beautiful stools enough for visitors to sit, enjoy the delicious taste of the specialty dish while watching the streets and the flow of people.

Listen to Bai Choi

When you visit the night market, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the log cabin, a unique folk art form of the Quang people. Every 19 o’clock, tourists flock here to the extreme crowd, they all choose a satisfactory seat where they can observe or participate in the performance of the show is also an attractive point of the old town. Hoi An at night.

The market is the “specialty” of each locality, so is Hoi An night market where visitors can go to shop, enjoy specialties and most of all, learn more about the beauty of people, of the culture of this place.

When should tourists go to Hoi An night market?

Hoi An Night Market is open from 17pm on all days of the week, so you can visit whenever possible. However, we should also consider the weather, lest there is a rain forecast that day without paying attention, we can not go to many places.

I highly recommend you to combine the Hoi An night market on the 14th of the lunar month each month, which is the time of the spectacular old town night festival, all the lights will turn off, giving way to the light of hundreds of views. The lantern is big and small, brilliant and amazingly sparkling. The best time to admire the beauty of this beautiful landscape in the central Vietnam.

Coming to Hoi An night market, not only simply walking around and living in a colorful night market space, but also an opportunity for distant visitors to feel the cultural values ​​of Hoi An, with souvenirs, simple roadside dishes.

3 Days In Hoi An Vietnam – Day 3

An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

An Bang Beach Hoi An

What is attractive when traveling to An Bang beach for family?

An Bang beach is a beautiful beach in Quang Nam which is absolutely the best place for your day 3 trip in Hoi An, Vietnam. The beach is located in Cam An ward, 3km from the center of Hoi An city. The weather here is relatively stable. You can go to An Bang in any season of the year, but the most beautiful for family is February – March or from June to August.

An Bang beach is clear and blue, with small waves gently sweeping the shore. Although one beach is famous, it is not as crowded as other beaches. Although there are no bathers, An Bang always has a guard to control the safety.

Your spirit will be free and refreshed thanks to the clear blue water and the wind of An Bang sea. All worries of life will be erased with the waves of the sea. Many Hoi An tourists highly recommend visiting this place during your tours. This will end your day 3 journey happily before going back.

Plans for relaxation in An Bang and you Hoi An itinerary:

To reduce fatigue, as soon as you arrive here you can rent a palm hut near the sea. You can rest before getting into struggling water.

Rest under cool palm huts

bang beach

Sitting under the palm hut watching the An Bang beach will bring a sense of peace. If you like the outdoor space, you can lie in the sun, read a book.

Also, if you like thrills you should rent a surfboard. That feeling will make you never forget.

Surfing at An Bang beach.

surfing at Bang Beach

An Bang beach is suitable for many ages, which is why traveling to An Bang beach for family is a hot keyword in 2019.

What to eat at An Bang beach during your family trip to An Bang beach?

eat at Bang beach

Coming to An Bang beach tourism, you will enjoy many attractive fresh seafood dishes. The seafood dishes full of fresh shrimp, crab and fish will satisfy the most demanding diners.

Nam Gia Restaurant:

Nam Gia Restaurant has been voted as the service place number 1 on An Bang beach for many years. Your tours to Hoi An will be fulfilled by enjoying delicious food here.

The seafood of Nam Gia restaurant is always appreciated by many customers as very fresh. This is the place to visit during your family trip to An Bang beach.

The H’mong sisters Hoi An:

The H’mong sisters Hoi An restaurant specializes in serving popular seafood dishes. The bar space is very beautiful and airy.

Seafood here is very fresh and diverse for everyone to choose freely. Considered by many people as a great destination in An Bang beach tour.

Hung Restaurant:

Hung famous restaurant specializes in serving dishes: crab, crab, fish, shrimp … Affordable price is many tourists coming to An Bang beach tour for their families. The staff here are very agile and friendly, making the guests friendly.

Besides, you can also enjoy the famous specialties in Hoi An such as banh xeo, rice paper, chicken rice, batter, clam porridge.

Experience in An Bang beach booking

Experience in An Bang beach booking

For the convenience of travel and relaxation when traveling to An Bang beach for your stay in hoi an, you should choose some of the following resting places:

An Bang Beach Hideaway Homestay – Homestay is the most popular your tours to An Bang beach for family

An Bang Beach Hideaway is scored by the very “Western” style. Homestay near An Bang beach, just walk about 10 minutes to arrive. Professional and flexible service style. Reference price only from: 1.1 million.

An Bang Seaside Village – a resort paradise when traveling to An Bang beach for family

As one of the most impressive homestay in An Bang beach. An Bang Seaside Village is a lovely homestay with youthful and fresh colors. The room comes to life with a combination of blue and white. Reference price: from 1.3 million to 3.3 million (depending on room location)

This homestay is designed simply but fully equipped with all amenities. This place is like a luxury resort in the sea. Village is always one of the most expensive homestays on An Bang beach.

Red Flower Cottage Homestay

Red Flower Cottage is a 2-minute walk from An Bang beach. The space here is green with a large garden combined with lovely tables and chairs. Homestay has only 5 bedrooms with thatched roof architecture. Reference price from 900,000 VND / night

Fully equipped rooms, help you relax, relax after you have delighted in swimming or walking on the white sand.

Red Flower Cottage Homestay is very suitable when you travel to An Bang beach for your family. There are services to look after babies, cook, and go to the market very conveniently.

Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay

Mid-range hotel near An Bang beach. The hotel lies 4.2km from the city center and provides accessibility to important town facilities. This location helps Hoi An tourists easily access the major tourist attractions of the city.

This hotel is designed in the old way. The plus point is that there is a large garden, a game room and a separate beach.

An Bang Garden Homestay

Homestay is about 3 minutes walk from An Bang beach. There is only one room type here, the garden view bedroom. The rooms are always full of sunshine, aroma of plants and cool. Reference price: 850,000 VND / night

The furniture here is designed to be minimalistic but very comfortable. Resting in a garden house close to the sea, you and your family will have a pleasant vacation in the beautiful sea of ​​An Bang.

Where To Eat In Hoi An?

Faifo Coffee

faifo hoi an

For those who love to take pictures, Faifo Coffee is the ideal place to have the most typical images of Hoi An when you stay in hoi an vietnam, it should absolutely be included in your hoi an itinerary . Every corner of the restaurant can give you impressive angles, from fronts, doors, pretty small stairs, wooden furniture and especially do not miss the terrace. With just a few wooden chairs, a few rows of tables are wooden panels fixed to the railing, you can sip a glass of water while living slowly and look around. The whole of Hoi An seems to be in your sight and reach through the red brick roofs tinged with the color of time and the flow of people slowly passing by below. The ideal time to sit here is at sunset. Because Hoi An is seen from above when the sun is about to go out and the lights start will be very magical.

What Else Cafe

quan ca phe what else

As a coffee shop combining restaurants, What else coffee is quite famous in Hoi An area. The shop was renovated from an old house, so it still retains its charm with time-colored gold walls and old furniture that evoke a bit of nostalgia. In addition to fragrant coffee, what else coffee also serves European and Asian dishes.

Avo & Mango

Avo Mango

???????????????????????????????????????????????? Located in a French-style villa (behind cf Making fish), blue tones are very attractive. Most of the visitors come from abroad. Exactly as the name of the restaurant Bơ and XOAI The menu is divided into 2 parts 1 side is the food made from Avocado and Mango (avocado and mango fans should not miss this item). And the rest are the non-mango butter dishes.

The point I appreciate is that the food is extremely healthy (mainly from fresh fruit) and special, especially the very beautiful decor (not less than the brunch restaurants in Bali that I have ever tried), extremely interested in investing in food.

Morning Glory Hoi An

Morning Glory

Among the many restaurants in Hoi An, Green Morning Glory has a strange attraction to tourists. One of the important reasons is that here guests can enjoy an extremely diverse menu of pure Vietnamese dishes. You want to savor the items that are often sold by extremely attractive peddlers such as spring rolls, but afraid of the sanitary conditions and uncomfortable seats? Do you miss the family meals with braised meat, stir-fried morning glory that your mother used to make, but she is now far away? Would you like to have a feast for your guests with delicious traditional dishes such as beef stock, ribs with beans, but can’t make your own? Come to Green Morning Glory. Extremely diverse menu with three groups of dishes (street, family, party) of Green Morning Glory will satisfy all your wishes in all circumstances.

92 Station Restaurant Hoi An

92 Tran Phu

92 Station is also one of the lovely Hoi An coffee shops, located on bustling Tran Phu street. It owns a beautifully decorated terrace, with flowers, trees and cute lanterns. Standing here, you can unleash the panoramic view of the peaceful old town, sunk in the sunset below.

At 92 Station, both Vietnamese and Western dishes are served, which will bring you a memorable culinary experience in this wonderful space.

Good morning Vietnam

foody mobile good morning viet nam

This is an affordable, western hygienic restaurant, always has fresh pizza, homemade pasta, lettuce, and sandwiches.

Accommodation in Hoian, Vietnam


Belle Maison Hadana Hotel Hoi An Resort & Spa

This is a 4-star hotel in Hoi An Vietnam with a beautiful and charming design of the romantic and unique Hoi An and comfortable rooms that are very popular. Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa’s location (managed by H&K Hospitality) is just 700 meters from the ancient town of Hoi An. The hotel has a spacious outdoor swimming pool, spa room, children’s play room, gym, free bicycle rental and tour service.

– Anh Duong Hotel, address 02 Phan Dinh Phung Street. This hotel is located a bit far from the center of Hoi An, but in return for only $ 24 you can enjoy a beautiful hotel, quite comfortable with a swimming pool, spa, garden and cafe. The number of tourists using this hotel is quite large, the food is quite good and the service is friendly.

– Huy Hoang River Hotel at 73 Phan Boi Chau Street. This hotel has quite a level of furniture, moderate amenities, but the advantage is a private beach. The location is super close, shopping, dining and sightseeing are convenient, so it is chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists. The price of this hotel is very good, around $ 15 – $ 24.

– Hai Au Hotel at 576 Cua Dai Street, also a very nice location, this hotel is loved by friendly and enthusiastic staff. There is an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, cafe, delicious and varied food (free breakfast). The lowest price is also very reasonable at just $ 25.

– Essence Hoi An Hotel & Spa at 132 Hung Vuong, this is the hotel that strongly recommends you to use. The lowest price is about $ 57 to enjoy the gym, spa, massage, billiards, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, garden and children’s play area, which are rated excellent ratings from travelers. Always leading in the top busiest hotels in Hoi An.

– Sunrise Hoi An Resort at Au Co Street, Cua Dai Beach. This resort offers a feeling of cool, clean and wonderful relaxation. In addition to the facilities like Essence above, it also has water sports, table tennis, sauna, yoga, karaoke, tennis and private beach. This is a resort chosen by many other people if they stay from 3 to 5 days in Hoi An. Lowest price around $ 100.

– The Nam Hai Resort address Hamlet 1, Dien Duong Commune, Ha My Beach. Resort paradise are the words we want to say about this hotel, super wide, beautiful and majestic. Having a full range of monumental amenities, bold modern and luxurious space. You can view the pictures of this resort to make it easier to imagine, the staff is friendly and enthusiastic. Aside from its extremely high price, up to $ 570 / day and night, you don’t need to complain about it.

How To Get From Hoi An To Hue

The road from Hoi An to Hue is about 126km. There are many types of vehicles to go from Hoi An to Hue such as:

Bus from Hoi An to Hue:

This is a popular choice when moving from Hoi An to Hue. You can use car companies like Opentour or go to Hoi An bus station to go to Hue. The downside, when traveling by bus, you have to wait a bit longer. By bus ride, you will have the opportunity to go through Hai Van tunnel and admire the natural beauty here.

Taxi from Hoi An to Hue:

In addition to passenger cars, taxis are also a popular means for you to use taxi services. However, if traveling alone, the price to pay for this journey is not cheap for your drive from Hoi An to Hue. If you want to take a taxi, use the form of taxi sharing. Passengers will save at least 40% compared to regular taxi fares while still enjoying the best taxi services.

Motorbike from Hoi An to Hue:

To drive from Hoi An to Hue, you can also travel by motorbike to see the great beauty of Hai Van pass and rice fields on the way. However, there are many tourists robbed right from this road, so you must be very careful. Another option is to go under the tunnel. You can park your motorbike at the office of the administration, then the truck will take your motorbike through the door of the cellar on the other side, and you will ride the transfer and pick up the car at the door of the tunnel. Hue also has motorbikes for you to rent if you take the bus out. The price is extremely reasonable, only from 80,000 VND to 120,000 VND / day.

To move in Hue city, rent yourself a cyclo around Dai Noi and Hue Hoanh area. The drivers will also act as guides and often enthusiastically introduce tourist attractions and famous shops and eateries to you!.

Best Time To Visit Hoi An

14th lunar month every month – A moment of light party

On the 14th lunar month, there is always an event that every visitor to Hoi An tourist destination is interested in – the full moon festival in the old town. In the period from 7 to 9 pm on the 14th, the electric lights will be turned off and replacement lanterns will be lit, along with the festivities of releasing lanterns, folk songs … extremely interesting.

The old town full moon festival is held by the Hoi An government on every 14th full moon every month starting in 1988. It is a unique idea stemming from the wish of a Polish architect who spent much effort in preserving two Vietnamese heritages – Hoi An and My Son.

During the festival, all the houses, restaurants and shops will turn off the electricity, the whole old town will be immersed in the light of lanterns and the full moon. Visitors will be able to participate in a variety of activities such as lion dance, Duong poetry bay, costume dance, etc.

From about February to April – The most refreshing time to relax

According to tourism experience, this is a period of time when the weather in Hoi An is especially pleasant and cool, with little rain, very suitable for travelers who want to come here to rest and relax. March is probably the best time of Hoi An Vietnam.

The whole city is surrounded by light sun, raining wind, dry weather, no rain. Really is the ideal weather to travel, visit the scenery of the old town. February to April is the best time for you to travel to Hoi An.

From May to July – Sea tourism season

May to July is the time near the end of the dry season in Hoi An, this will be a great time for you to combine Cu Lao Cham tourism, go to Cua Dai beach or other beaches in Da Nang. This can be seen as the peak tourist season of the country because this is the summer vacation for students.

So coming to Hoi An in summer will definitely be more crowded. However, because it is the high season, Hoi An also has many incentives and promotions to attract tourists. This will be the family travel season, travel with friends.

From October to December – Romantic moments

October – December, Hoi An tourist destination is the rainy season, the rains may make your trip interrupted as well as lose interest, difficult to move. However, one thing is quite interesting: this is also the season when the Thu Bon river rises, the old town will sink in the sea, people have to travel by boat. Therefore, if you want to try “swimming” by boat in the old town, come to Hoi An at this time. It will become a unique and unforgettable memory.

Moreover, do you like the rain, like the feeling of romance? This is the travel season for you and your partner. Paddling together under the rain, around the two sides of the road are ancient houses, lanterns, ancient scenery, … all will create a more romantic scene than ever. However, please think carefully and decide whether or not to travel at this time.

The climate in Hoi An is divided into two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season very clearly. Each season has its own characteristics. The dry season starts from January to July, and the rainy season from August to December.

What to do in Hoi An for 3 days?

Visiting 3 assembling halls in Hoi An

Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation (No. 176 Tran Phu)

hoi an la ma quen qua 5 hoi quan co o tuyen pho trung tam

The Assembly Hall of Cantonese (also known as the Assembly Hall of Quang Trieu) was built in 1885. Initially to worship Thien Hau Thanh Mau and Duc Confucius, after 1911, it was converted to worship Quan Cong and Tien Hien. The Assembly Hall has a quite beautiful architecture because of the harmonious combination of wood and stone materials in the bearing structure with elaborate decorative motifs, sophisticated carvings, … giving the building a majestic, splendid look. splendid and majestic.

Phuc Kien assembly hall

chua phuc kien 2

Legend has it that the precursor of the Assembly Hall was a small shrine to worship Thien Hau Thanh Mau statue in 1697. After many times of restoration, the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall became more brilliant and spacious.

Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Chinese Congregation (157 Nguyen Duy Hieu)

Trieu Chau Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is located on Nguyen Duy Hieu street (from Tran Phu street to Cua Dai beach), with a quiet look over time, built by the Chinese community of Trieu Chau in 1845 to be the birthplace. community activities and worship Phuc Ba God – a god specializing in tame waves and winds, making traveling and trading on the sea a peaceful and smooth sailing.

This is one of the works of special value in the architectural complex in the ancient city. The wooden frames, the temples, the door system are engraved with the wooden station; decorative motifs based on folk tales, legends and elaborate and beautiful porcelain embossed works on the banks of the roofs and flowing banks. Every year, on the 16th of the first lunar month, the Assembly Hall holds a grand celebration of the Yuan Tieu and the death anniversary of the ancestors of the ancestors, with the participation of a large number of Chaozhou Chinese in Hoi An and neighboring localities such as Hue, Da Nang, Quang Ngai.

Explore the unique cuisine of Hoi An Vietnam

Where To Eat In Hoi An

Hoi An is famous for its countless delicious dishes, but where to eat is a question many tourists want to know, below I introduce a list of delicious restaurants that visitors often spread when coming to Hoi An.


Chicken rice

Ba Buoi chicken rice, the name present in Hoi An since the 50s of the 20th century will satisfy your day trips to Hoi An. It is one of many delicious dishes you should try when exploring Vietnamese cuisine. Previously, this rice dish name was Ba Buoi, the owner of a street vendor in the market, who made famous chicken rice for many years. For added convenience, the whole family moved to number 22, Phan Chu Trinh. Currently, the restaurant is run by two children. Thanks to the traditional secret, the restaurant is still crowded with customers every day. This is one of the best places to visit and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.

Like many places, chicken rice ingredients here also include non-glutinous rice, boiled chicken and vegetables. Accordingly, the chickens choose the type of gardening, laying a litter. As a result, the meat is firm, chewy and has a rich flavor. Rice coming from rice paddies all around Vietnam is only used the old type, for at least one year or more. The raw vegetables are ordered directly from the nearby Tra Que vegetable village for full flavor.


Cao lau

Where do you often go to Hoi An to eat Cao Lau? Riverside at night? In Vietnamese restaurants listed on travel books? If you have not decided yet, you should go to a very small, simple restaurant like a popular rice restaurant, located at 26 Thai Phien with a simple name: Thanh Cao floor. It is one of the best restaurants and worth trying during your time in Hoi An.

The cao lau here are not much different from other places, but the taste is much more special. The high-rise bowl is full, the fiber is light yellow, big, and when eaten, it feels chewy and soft, the pieces of meat are sliced ​​into big, thick, carefully made, rich, and eaten very well. And the whole layer of fresh, fragrant vegetables. They blend together and create a simple but harmonious overall flavor, making you crave forever even after eating a bowl. The price of a high-rise bowl here is 20,000-25,000 VND. All rights reserved, you will have a chance to taste the best flavor of Cao Lau, which made famous Hoi An cuisine.


be thui 10

Many places such as Da Nang, Hoi An, Tam Ky serve veal, but only in the stalls selling veal at Cau Mong is the place where gourmets go the most. Be Thui Muoi restaurant has been known to many diners with more than 30 years of experience in the calf industry, and has built its own brand to this day and still stands at the top of all restaurants serving dishes.



Dumplings, cauldron are two types of cakes with nearly the same ingredients and often eaten on a plate. Come to Hoi An, want to try this specialty, do not forget to visit Hoa Hong Trang restaurant on Hai Ba Trung street. Here, you not only enjoy delicious dumplings and cauldrons, but also can see with their own eyes their elaborate baking process.

The main material for processing these two types of cakes is rice, which is really white, whole grain, flexible, and fragrant, grown on clean land. The cauldron cake is made from crushed earthen shrimp mixed with a little pepper, garlic, onions, lemongrass and esoteric spices. The dumpling filling is made from thinly sliced ​​pork, mushrooms, green onions and sautéed with the same secret spices. Perhaps this spice is also the reason why the dumplings and cauldron can only eat deliciously in Hoi An.


banh mi

Banh mi Hoi An is also a traditional vietnamese food that everyone who has come to this land will love. And must mention Hoi An bread, everyone thinks of the famous phoenix bread that has been praised by foreign culinary experts. But did you know that Hoi An bread also has an equally famous address that is even more appreciated by foreign players? That is Madame Khanh’s shop.

Located on Tran Cao Van Street, a little bit away from the old town, Banh Mi Madame Khanh is a tiny bakery with a simple, normal cupboard. Yet a bit closer, you will see this bakery is filled with praise from tourists all over the world. Even tourists also favorably named Madame Khanh bread – The Banhmi Queen (Queen of Bread).

BANH MI PHUONG – 22 Phan Chu Chinh, Hoian, Quang Nam, Vietnam

banh my phuong 1 1

It can be called this place the capital of bread because you will be spoiled for choosing different types of fillings from cheese, pork rolls, pate, eggs, ham, barbecue, chicken, … sandwiched with many vegetables such as cucumbers, pickles, basil, peppers, onions, … Topped with sauces prepared according to the store’s special recipe. A loaf of phoenix bread is bigger than normal shops, with a hot crust and thin crust.

So is banh mi Phuong so delicious that you must try it every time you travel to Hoi An? Foreign visitors who have never tried the full Vietnamese cuisine, they can feel the unique and one of the best flavours of banh mi in Vietnam. Anthony Bourdain once tasted banh mi Phuong and gave this brand flying words on a TV show in America about the cuisine of Vietnam. Then everyone who comes to Hoi An knows banh mi Phuong thanks to the complement of Anthony Bourdain.

To discuss the culinary quintessence of Quang, the balance between flavor is the secret to a delicious dish. Banh mi Phuong, a delicious loaf should have a balance between the amount of meat, the amount of vegetables and the seasoning taste just right. If the recipe for bread + meat + vegetables + sauce.

Food and beautiful scenery of Hoi An are the important keys when you visit this old town, these fields are marked comment by many tourists.

Getting Around Hoi An, Vietnam

getting around

How do I move in Old Town?

Bicycle:  For sight-seeing tours, you should call this green and convenient vehicle first because it is a favorite means of transportation in the old town. You can freely move without fear of curfew for other means of transportation during your day trips. In addition, the bike will help you easily to attractions nearby Hoi An ancient town.

Motorbike: In Hoi An, you can easily rent a motorbike with a reasonable price, only about 100,000 – 150,000 VND / car. Will be a suitable choice for you to explore Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang.

Cyclo: What is romance? That is sitting on a cyclo walking around every corner of the old town. You will just see the flowers, the beauty of time and the life rhythm of the people here. The price for a trip is only about 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND. You can catch cyclo easily from Tran Phu, Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Ba Trung.

Taxi: Taxi travel will be suitable for groups of friends or families who want to travel together. I will share some phone numbers of taxi companies such as Mai Linh (phone number: 0235., Taxi Hoi An (phone number: 0235., Faifo (phone number: 0235.3.91.91. 91). Save immediately to your Hoi An travel experience notebook.

Boat: Want to experience a tour of the old town, do not miss the opportunity to take a boat on Hoai River or Thu Bon River. You can easily catch the boat right at the river wharf in the center of the old town, walk the streets by water and own yourself with life-long pictures.

Is one day in Hoi An enough?

If you have only one day in Hoi An, let me show you the best things to do for your full day tours in Hoi An Vietnam.

Experience Hoi An travel in 1 day – Morning – The first half day tour

Suggestions: Breakfast – Cafe – walking around

Traveling to Hoi An in the morning will be a very interesting moment, your ancient city in the early sun to wait for the heat all day. The whole street now looks like a still oil painting but full of vitality. You can go for a walk in the old town and see the free-flowing streets of the houses that are in the door. A session that you usually do at home is breakfast, breakfast in Hoi An in the way of Hoi An people is bread and soy milk or corn milk. The address that you should glance at at this moment is Phuong bread shop so you can quickly give yourself a “world’s best” bread for breakfast at only 15,000 VND.

The Phoenix breads in Hoi An are and have been famous all over the world for their delicious taste and uniqueness in their processing with countless attractive ingredients and sauces.

When you get warm, sit around at a sidewalk cafe to watch the peaceful Hoai River in the early morning. A cup of coffee is not just a catalyst for a longer day of alertness. The two famous and famous cafes in Hoi An that are loved by the people and tourists are Ms. Thao, right around the corner from the Japanese bridge to the Hoi Bridge and the auntie shop opposite the Thao restaurant.

Once fully charged, it is time to continue your tours, explore Hoi An 24h and learn the culture here through spiritual and social buildings such as the Assembly Hall of Cantonese, Phuc. Ants, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung, Quan Thang, Cau pagoda, Ong pagoda, Tran church, Sa Huynh museum, etc.

Experience Hoi An travel in 1 day – Noon

Suggestions: Lunch – enjoy the sea breeze – snack

Once you’ve spent the morning touring the old town, it’s time to let your stomach run with the delicious specialties in Hoi An, Vietnam. Mrs. Buoi chicken rice will be a not bad suggestion for lunch in Hoi An. The address of the chicken rice restaurant at 22 Phan Chau Trinh is not fast.

With the sweltering weather of summer days, the second fitting activity in your day around Hoi an is lying on the beach chairs under the green coconut trees, sipping coconut water while relaxing by the sea breeze, it really feels peaceful. You can rent bicycles and drive to Cua Dai or An Bang to become happier. Because science has proven that going to the beach makes people happier.

When the afternoon shadow falls as your remaining half day tour is coming. There are no more harsh rays of sunlight, then your feet can continue to roam around the streets such as Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc to enjoy snacks such as grilled meat, rice paper (5000 VND / 1 skewer), fried rolls (5,000 VND / one), banh beo (4000 VND / cup), pork skin cake (2,000 VND / piece), bean paste tea, fried noodles (10,000 VND / cup), etc.

Experience Hoi An tourism in 1 day – Evening, night

Suggestions: Walking around – having dinner – dropping flower lights – sailing on Hoai River

Traveling to Hoi An for a day without walking around at night, not enjoying high-rise dishes and river-side grilled pork vermicelli is not complete. With the price of about 25,000 VND / 1 bowl of noodles, you are satisfied and have the strength to continue the journey.

When coming to Cau pagoda section, tourists can immerse themselves in interesting activities such as boat ride on Hoai river, drop flower lanterns, play cards on Bach Dang street … activities on Hoai river are only 20 – 100,000 VND and flower lights posted 10,000d / 3 pcs.

According to Hoi An tourism experience, Hoi An is most beautiful at night with a quiet, thoughtful space but also extremely shimmering by the light and color of lantern shops.

Discovering a day in Hoi An will end with the fatigue of traveling to many places, to many points, walking through many streets of the house, but will definitely be a memorable experience in your life.