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10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam – Hoi An food tours

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10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Hoi An food tours

Hoi An – an Asian site – is a lovely and ancient town located in central Vietnam, attracting tourists by its beautiful traditional beauty and hospitality. UNESCO recognizes this place as a cultural world heritage with the architecture blending between Japan, China and Indochina style. The cuisine here is also a combination of East and West style that is made with seafood, coffee, mi banh, noodle soup and various menu items.

Join us to discover a travel blog with the delicious dishes of this Hoi An world heritage and make a food tour from Da Nang to Hoi An like a local person when you travel Vietnam!

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Hoi An food tours

Hoi An food favourites when you travel the town

Hoi An has a long list of popular local Vietnamese dishes and attracts domestic and foreign tourists with morning glory in beautiful hotels – many travel blogs tell about this site.

You can find noodle dish with seafood or cakes, even sweet soup or extraordinary Vietnamese rice or coffee in the local central market or the restaurant.

Hoi An food is a combination of fresh ingredients from the sea or fresh green vegetables, with the unique recipe of the Vietnamese in the central coast of the country. When coming to Hoi An hotels, get your privacy policy in tours and read terms of use guide book about food in Hoi An.

There are several local dishes in this town that you shouldn’t miss. The prices for the dishes here are also low, and you can choose from Hoi An street food to upscale Vietnamese restaurants. Now, join me in exploring the fantastic Hoi An street food!

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Hoi An food tours

Cao Lau – one of the best food must eat in Hoi An when you travel Viet Nam

Talking about the dishes in Hoi An ancient town – like a food tour, no one can ignore the Cao Lau dishes – a Hoi An street food you will like. During the cold Tet days, walking around the old town, it will not be difficult for us to see the ancient Vietnamese restaurants, the waitresses wearing deep coloured Ao Dai and the name Cao Lau on the menu at the door. The Cao Lau food has long been mentioned as a typical dish contributing to the culinary soul that remains old features of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

So, in essence, what is Cao Lau food? It is a dish that has long been considered a speciality dish of Hoi An town. The high floor has yellow noodle, used with shrimp, pork and fresh greens vegetables. Like Quang noodle, tall buildings are eaten with very little broth. A unique feature of the high floor is the yellow noodle, made in combination with the pier, obtained from the Cham island.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Cao Lau

History of Cao Lau – a Hoi An food you should try

According to a longtime Chinese in unique to Hoi An Vietnam, Cao Lau food appeared in the old town since the 17th century, when Hoi An port was just opened, and Lord Nguyen allowed foreign merchant boats to exchange goods here. Although the Japanese had entered Hoi An to trade first, it was the Chinese who were the most prolonged standing figures on this ancient land.

Cao Lao – a Hoi An food – is not a noodle dish, nor is it like any pho. This dish is considered a combination dish, only appearing in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue Vietnam. Cao Lau food is often sold in a 2-storey restaurant with red and green lanterns, diners sit down to eat, enjoy both the delicacy of ancient earth dishes while eating and enjoy the travel atmosphere of a street corner here.

The name “Cao Lau”- unique to Hoi An food is always a question mark for visitors to experience the old town. Cao Lau food is not native to China, nor is it from Japan. It can be said that this is a combination of many ethnic groups; this strange name is probably derived from the Chinese language, only the “delicacy” dishes. The wealthy people who used to enter Hoi An restaurants often sat upstairs. This delicacy dish used to be called “upstairs”, and gradually used to be “Cao Lau” food.

Although there are some similarities with Quang noodle – a Hoi An food, Cao Lau is a much more elaborate dish. For the noodles to be golden and delicious, we have to use the ashes from Cu Lao Cham soaked in rice to create a characteristic crispness and dryness. The water for milling rice must be Ba Le well, a well known for its non-alkaline, cold water. To add extra points to the dish, people also often add a little pork skin or crispy dried squares.

Stepping out of the ancient land of Hoi An, following the travel blog, the Cao Lau food has changed more or less; the old atmosphere fades away. Only in Hoi An, the Cao Lau has all the flavours of a delicate and ancient Central Vietnam dish. Someone said that it was Ba Le well water and ashes of Cham island and Tra Que raw vegetables that make this typical dish. Ba Le well is the key to this wonderfully delicious dish.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Cao Lau

Where is the best place to eat Cao Lau food you should try in Hoi An?

1. Lien Cao Lau restaurant

Location: 21B Thai Phien, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Price: 20000 – 30000 VND

  • It is one of the very famous Lau noodles restaurants in Hoi An which is highly appreciated by many diners:
  • Experienced and skilled
  • This Lau noodles restaurant has been around for nearly 30 years serving customers from near and far.
  • Operating for 30 years, but the restaurant has never disappointed diners.
  • Lien restaurant will undoubtedly bring diners the most delicious Lau noodles with a professional and enthusiastic service attitude.

2. Cao Lau Restaurant Hoi An Ba Be

Location: 19 Tran Phu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Price: 20000 – 44000 VND

This Hoi An Cao Lau Restaurant is also a place that attracts many diners to enjoy in Hoi An. You will not regret it here! Located in the local food court of Hoi An With an easy-to-find location, you just need to go to the market, look right at the shop. Located in the food court, you can enjoy upstairs then continue to nearby restaurants to enjoy Hoi An delicious food easily.

Cao Lau has a characteristic flavour Ba Be Cao Lau has a distinctive flavour. Delicious broth to taste, delicious chewy noodle, char siu meat, crispy pork skin combined with fresh and tasty vegetables are unmatched!

Banh Mi – you must try this one of Hoi An specialties when you travel to Viet Nam

Banh Mi – a Hoi An food – is increasingly becoming a familiar breakfast dish of many Vietnamese people. When mentioning delicious Vietnamese bread – called Hoi An pizza, it is impossible not to say Hoi An Banh Mi – one of the unique cuisines of Vietnamese. It is the best food that Anthony Bourdain eats well and recommends that you have to try – besides spring rolls and Bun Cha in his food tour.

Hoi An Banh Mi is known as the best bread in the world, no matter how foreign visitors come to Hoi An, they want to enjoy this famous delicious bread once, even if you have to spend tens of minutes standing Long queues. Hoi An bread is the intersection of the meagre eating taste but also requires the feats of finesse and boldness of Hoi An people praise.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh mi

Hoi An Banh Mi is one of the most delicious sandwiches, and if you look at it, it is easy to mistake Hoi An bread with Turkish bread, only when you take a bite, the delicious taste of the bread. Hoi An guarantees you to feel and evaluate differently.

Banh Mi – one of the famous Hoi An dishes – uses a kind of bread with thick intestines, the crust is crispy, always hot, while the inside of the cake is soft and naturally sweet. The filling of Hoi An bread is too plump, a combination of sauce, pate, minced meat, raw vegetables – not only full of nutrients for your breakfast full of energy, besides, how The decoration and harmonious colours of Hoi An bread also make diners excited.

The “Xa Xiu” pork used in each Hoi An Banh Mi – a food in Hoi An – is seasoned with spices before being grilled to soften. Pate is also critical to serve people; pate in the oven ensures fat, soft, not too dry and aromatic. There is also a hand-whisked avocado from eggs and rich, golden cooking oil; mixed pork rolls, pork chops, ham. Tra Que raw vegetables, sweet and sour papaya salad will make you not bored; the sauce is partly taken from the gravy of meat and is prepared to fit the mouth of the person.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh mi

Where is the best place to eat Banh Mi in Hoi An?

  1. Hoi An bread usually costs from 15k – 35k depending on the type. Some famous Hoi An Banh Mi addresses are:
  2. Hoi An bread at 2 Le Loi, the shop is located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao – Le Loi – Nguyen Cong Tru, Vietnam.
  3. Hoi An Banh Mi Khanh at 115 Tran Cao Van, the shop is over 80 years old and 30 years old.
  4. Hoi An bread – Banh Mi Phuong at 2b Phan Chu Trinh is known as the best food store in Hoi An Vietnam.

Banh Mi Phuong is the best bread in Hoi An central; you have to queue to buy a sandwich for yourself.

Mi Quang – the best rice noodles in Quang Nam province

A bowl of Mi Quang is made very meticulously and meticulously by Quang Nam and Danang people, to make delicious chewy noodles, first to choose a good type of rice, then soak it in water for a day, then pour the rice into a stone mill to grind. Into powdered water, sand until smooth, so that the rice noodle is chewy than people mixed with alum.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Mi Quang

The next step is to bring the rice flours to coat; the rice noodle is thinly coated about 2mm when the noodles are ripe, they will be picked up to the blister for the outside is to cut the noodles into smooth, crispy noodles.

The soup to fill the noodles together is made very meticulously; the soup is made from one of the types of broth, such as pork bones, chicken, seafood, frog, beef, so it has a rich sweet taste, the broth must be clear and compare but not dilute. Enjoying Hoi An noodles is indispensable with raw vegetables, herbs, sliced ​​banana flowers, next to a pair of green peppers with a pungent taste.

Accompanying it is a piece of rice cake made fragrant, crispy. An attractive bowl of Mi Quang, more flavorful when seasoning with a little sauce of garlic and chilli sauce. A box of noodles will include rice noodles dish, grilled pork, half boiled quail eggs, add a few roasted peanuts, and then finally fill with ginseng broth, not full of noodles, not full of sale like vermicelli Rice Noodle Soup.

Where is the best place to get Mi Quang – one street food in Hoi An central?

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Mi Quang


  • Address: 6A Truong Minh Luong, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00
  • Food price ranges: 15,000 – 40,000 VND

It is one of the delicious restaurants in food Hoi An central for a long time, in the past, he sold noodles on the sidewalk, now it has opened into a larger and more spacious restaurant. Mr Hai’s Mi Quang is considered very delicious by diners, golden noodles from turmeric, sweet and fatty broth, meat, and shrimp taste. It has become a habit of many gourmet dinners.


  • Address: Thai Phien, Hoi An city, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 20:00
  • Food price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND


  • The address is located at No. 137, Phan Chau Trinh street, Vietnam

Known by many domestic and foreign diners, Ba Linh Mi Quang with a rich broth from the meat, the aroma of coconut water, served with soft, chewy noodles, peanuts, and fresh vegetables. Indeed, come here to enjoy a bowl of Hoi An Mi Quang that does not disappoint you.

White rose dumplings/ Banh bao Banh vac – the best banh in Hoi An ancient town

White rose dumplings are two types of cakes with the same ingredients and methods and are often eaten together on a plate to be authentic and bold.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh bao banh vac (White rose dumplings)

This good cake is made from rice flours, but very meticulous from the selection of rice to make the cake and eat with fried shallots. For the cake to have a sweet taste, the surface of the cake is white and smooth; it is necessary to choose rice carefully. It is a new type of rice, fragrant, fragrant, and finished, filtered many times through water. The powder does not remove bleach and does not use borax. Then the dough is stuffed into oblong shapes; Rotating a few turns quickly produces a tiny piece of dough. From that piece of dough, they lightly rolled in a circle into a beautiful thin crust. The cauldron cake is made from crushed earthen shrimp mixed with a little pepper, garlic, onions, lemongrass and secret spices.

The good dumpling filling is made from pork, wood ear, thinly sliced ​​green onions and also sauteed with esoteric spices. Is this spice also a reason why “banh bao banh vac” can only eat when travelling to Hoi An? After the cake is filled, people put the filling in the middle of the crust and then group it into the shape of the cauldron to make the cauldron cake and lightly rim the crust into a rose-like form to make a dumpling. Gently place the cake in a water-bath steamer, about 15 minutes, the cake will be white and soft.

Along with the meticulous baking process, the preparation of fish sauce must also converge all three flavours of sour, spicy and sweet. The sweetness is just enough, not too sour and especially the chilli pickled in a bowl of fish sauce must be both green and red pepper. Only then will the fish sauce bowl be fragrant and have a golden colour.

White rose dumplings are now listed in the specialities introduced by tourist books to Hoi An tourists with an elegant and elegant name like the taste and shape of its plate: Good cake white rose and “western name” is the white rose. The small, beautiful cakes like white roses food are dotted with green vegetables, a little red chilli and a little yellow onion has aroused the curiosity of many tourists.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh bao banh vac (White rose dumplings)

Where to get the best white rose dumplings – one street food in Hoi An

  • Address: 533 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Vietnam
  • Phone: 05103.862.784 or 0903.010.986
  • Opening time: 7:00 – 22:00.
  • Several seats: 50 seats
  • Food Menu: Dumplings, cauldron cake, wonton…

Since it is called the beautiful name “white rose” food, this food is also on the menu of many restaurants in the old town centre. But perhaps the most famous is still the White Rose restaurant at 533 Hai Ba Trung, Cam Pho Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam. Some shops located on this street also sell Banh vac, but not as famous as this White Rose food restaurant.

Cauldron dumplings are a quite popular food in the menus of restaurants and eateries in Hoi An. However, if you want to learn from A to Z about this Hoi An speciality, you must travel to the Banh Bao Bao Vac – the old White Rose Restaurant on Hai Ba Trung Street.

Here, visitors not only enjoy the proper white rose restaurant food of Hoi An but can also see firsthand the elaborate and meticulous baking process of the baker and can try it by themselves to pack these beautiful cakes.

Banh Xeo – Good street food Hoi An you should try

Unlike other types of “Banh xeo” in the South, central region pancakes in general and Hoi An Banh xeo, in particular, are small cakes, one person can eat many. Eating hot, delicious, crispy, the cake is suitable for the vegetables, the price, eating with seasoning in the rainy season, and rice paper is the most appropriate.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh xeo Hoi An

The best main ingredient for making “Banh xeo” food – best banh in Hoi An – besides rice requires shrimp/ seafood and meat as a supplement, besides, making pancakes must sit by the fire always, so the rainy season is the best season for employment. This kind of cake. Rice is good for soaking and then grinding into rice flour water. The rice flour water is also prepared so that it has a mild liquid to create the crispy, sticky texture of the cake. If it’s too thick, the cake will dry and live. If it is too loose, the cake will be soft, crushed and close to the pan and served with rice paper.

When preparing flour and additional ingredients such as bean sprouts, meat, and oil, people started pouring pancakes. The ground frying pans are displayed on the kitchen like fancy looking gongs. When the pan is hot, people use a pinch of green onions soaked in peanut oil evenly around the pan and put a few chopped shrimp and bacon in the basin. Meat and shrimp have been seasoned with fish sauces, salt, spices and lice until just cooked. When the oil is ripe, it smells aromatic, then use the patch to scoop the rice flour water into the pan. The powder meets the hot oil, making a “sizzle, sizzle” sound that is very funny. Maybe because of these best sounds that people name the cake as banh xeo?

After putting the dough in the pan, the owner put little green bean sprouts on top and then covered them for the cake to cook. When the cake is crispy, it is picked up and placed on a plate to invite guests. Looking at the best fragrant and crunchy golden cakes, the customers wanted to enjoy it immediately.

The fish sauce is also processed quite carefully. People use soy sauces mixed with pork liver, sesame, pureed peanuts, then use the oil for cooking well and adding a little rice flour, spices to make a strange one.

The cake must be eaten hot to be delicious, right in style, it means you can eat it wherever you go and when you eat without using chopsticks or a spoon, just use your hands. The way of enjoying Banh xeo with rice paper, in addition to using the sense of smell and taste, forces the eater to use touch and hearing to see all the attractions.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Banh xeo Hoi An

Where to eat Banh Xeo in Hoi An – delicious Vietnamese street food in Hoi An?

1. Banh Xeo Quan Ba ​​Le Restaurant

Coming to Hoi An without tasting the Gieng Ba Le restaurant is a pity. With their delicious taste, the hotcakes have captivated those who come here. The main ingredients for making pancakes well include rice flour, mixed with water and the filling is lean meat or fresh shrimp – is prepared with soy sauces mixed with sesame seeds, pork liver, ground peanuts, rice paper and then boiled. Pancakes here served with raw vegetables cost 10,000 VND / item.

  • Address: 45/51 Tran Hung Dao, Quang Nam, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00
  • Price: 10,000 VND / item

2. Song Hoai Song Xeo – Hoi An

Through the Reviews, Song Hoai Banh Xeo became a famous Banh Xeo Location in Hoi An. With cold and spacious space;

The dipping sauce is delicious and rice paper, but the price is low.

In addition to Hoi An Banh Xeo, the shop also sells Grilled Meat, Spring Rolls, Vegetable Roll …

Don’t forget to travel to these famous Hoi An Banh Xeo Restaurants.

  • Address: 59/32 August 18 Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00
  • Price fluctuates: 10,000 VND- 30,000 VND

Fried Wontons – Street food in Hoi An you should eat when you travel

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Fried wontons

Wonton is a cuisine originating from China with many different processing methods such as fried wonton, water wonton, noodle … Wonton Hoi An has a typical taste of Hoi An city thanks to its crunchy crust combined with sweet and sour liquid and sweet shrimp meat. This dish can be served as an appetizer with all kinds of rolls … both beautiful and attractive.

Hoi An has many long-standing famous cuisines, originating from many different countries, in which highlights can be mentioned wonton. Wonton, also known as frank, is a dish originating from Guangdong province, China and is now quite popular in many East Asian countries. The calling “wonton” or “frankly” comes from the Cantonese sound.

When translated into Sino-Vietnamese sound, “wonton” is “vein ham”, which means “to swallow clouds”. A wonton consists of two parts: the shell and the core. The shell is made from flour. The filling is usually made from pork, shrimp, wood ear, green onion … All finely sliced ​​and mixed.

When mixed, people will add spices including pepper, salt, sugar … To get the wonton, people spread the shell, put a little filling in the middle and then wrap it. There are two popular ways to cook wonton: water wonton (can be eaten with noodles) and fried wonton. Each process brings its delicious taste.

Where is the fried wontons restaurant you can eat in Hoi An?

Although originating in China, over time, the wonton has been gradually “transformed” by local people to suit Vietnamese taste better. And do not know when, the wonton has become a familiar cuisine, associated with the ancient land of Hoi An and you can eat food well in the market.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Fried wontons

Today, not only Hoi An people but also Hoi An tourists love and love this dish. Some of the best places to sell wontons in Hoi An are:

  1. Quan Anh Dung – No. 14, Ba Trieu Street, Hoi An City, Vietnam

Anh Dung restaurant is just a small, quite popular restaurants, but has a very delicious water wonton dish. The broth of the restaurants is cooked from meat, pork bones and some vegetables, so it has a characteristic sweet taste.

When the customers arrived, the owner of the shop started to pour the wonton in boiling water and then pour it into a bowl and fill it with broth. In addition to wonton and broth, the shop owner also adds a bowl of slices of char siu, pork bones, cilantro, finely chopped scallions and lettuce. When eating, to increase the flavour, guests can add some soy sauces, lemon, chilli or satay.

  1. Van Loc Restaurants – No. 27, Tran Phu Street, Hoi An City, Vietnam

Each wonton is deep-fried in a pan of hot oil until golden and then picked out to drain. The fried wonton at Van Loc is very crunchy, and served with the restaurant’s esoteric tomato sauces are incredibly delicious. In addition to the liquid, to reduce the stubborn feeling, Van Loc restaurant often adds lettuce, sliced ​​tomatoes, herbs … for customers to eat with the wonton.

  1. Vy Son Restaurants – No. 28, Nguyen Hue Street, Hoi An City, Vietnam

As a small restaurant located in the Old Quarter, Vy Son restaurants Hoi An has long been very famous for specialties with “brand” Hoi An such as tall floors, cauldron cake, chicken rices… and especially diaphragm. St. The food store sells both delicious and attractive fried wonton cuisines.

Pho – one Vietnamese food you must eat in Hoi An when you travel

Well, delicious Hoi An pho in Hoi An style. It has something extraordinary, both rich like Northern Pho, obese like the Western people who cook pho, and strange like the Chinese cooking noodles with satay. Also, it is a combination of the three styles above. Eating Hoi An pho just by tasting the broth, you will find that the soup does not taste strong anise flower or smells beef like Bac Pho but elegant, gentle, moderately, every taste is just enough.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Pho

Where Pho restaurants you can eat in Hoi An – a famous Vietnamese food

Where to eat pho in Hoi An? Not around the town lanterns but have to find the shops around the edge. At the corner of the intersection of Le Loi and Pham Chu Trinh, there is Pho Lien shop, sold all day, Pho Tung located in a small alley from Tran Phu street turns into a good place.

If on the way down to Cua Dai beach tour, you can drop by Pho 339 restaurant on Cua Dai Street. And when you want to enjoy Hoi An in the evening and at night, you can travel to Pho Da restaurant on Hung Vuong Street. You also can eat in the Hoi An central market.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Pho

Street food you can eat in Hoi An – like a local person to travel market and eat Vietnamese food

Wandering on the streets of Hoi An, you not only catch many artistic frames or sit and sip a cup of coffee by the river but also want to enjoy the famous cuisines of Hoi An ancient town. Hoi An Ancient Town is small, but it’s culinary culture is vibrant. Therefore, even if you travel the entire village, it is difficult to enjoy all the specialities here very well.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Street food

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Street food

  • Mot water – only must-try street food

“Nuoc Mot” – the name sounds enough to arouse curiosity for anyone coming to Hoi An. Walking on Tran Phu street, you can easily see a row of water, always crowded. A chalkboard, a lotus vase and aromatherapy, herbs such as honeysuckle, cinnamon, aromatherapy fruit, lemon, lemongrass … are familiar scenes of the stock.

Water Mót is a kind of herbal water, the smell of lemon, lemongrass, fragrant and cool. However, during hot summer weather, that’s all people need. With an eye-catching decorative cup of water priced at only 10,000 VND, Mau water is loved by many young people and considered a must-have “check-in” place when coming to Hoi An.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Street food

  • Mrs Buoi chicken rices – Com Ga food

Famous for the cuisine in the ancient town of Hoi An, perhaps Ba Buoi chicken rice – street food Com Ga food is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to many people. Available from the 50s of the 20th century, Mrs Buoi chicken rice – Com Ga food seems to have become a name associated with the development of Hoi An.

Unlike chicken rice – Com Ga food eaten in many other places, Mrs Buoi chicken rice – Com Ga is famous for its backyard chicken. Chicken rice – Com Ga is cooked with many different portions and flavours such as boiled chicken rice, shredded chicken rice, chicken heart, … a part of chicken rice costs about 35,000 VND / person.

After a day of busy walking in the Hoi An Vietnam of lanterns, flock to the Hoi An street tea shop to enjoy the creamy sweetness of the tea, the cool taste of ground ice, the soft ripe beans, watch the flow of people at Hoi An will be an unforgettable experience for you in the ancient land of Hoi An.

Many cuisines in Hoi An – you can create food tours in morning glory to evening with many best foods such as spring rolls, sweet soup, Mi Quang, Pho, Banh Mi and more.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Chicken rice

Where to eat street food in Hoi An, Vietnam you should try

You can enjoy and experience local cuisines in Hoi An at the street stalls located on both sides of the Hoi An street. Besides, Hoi An central market is open from early morning to 5 pm every day; you can go into the central market and eat in small eateries. The night central market also has a lot of delicious food going along the Hoi An Vietnam.

Top local Vietnamese food restaurant you can eat in Hoi An Vietnam

In Hoi An there are many beautiful restaurants and impressive bar, located around the two sides of town with affordable prices, averaging from 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person. You can find on online travel sites like Tripadvisors to choose a suitable foodstore.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Top local restaurants

Where to eat restaurant in Hoi An you should try

There are some top best restaurants in Hoi An you should visit.

  1. Hoa Hien Res
  • Address: 35 Tran Quang Khai, Cam Chau Hoi An, Quang Nam province
  • Opening hours: 9 am – 9:30 pm
  1. Song Thu Restaurant Hoi An
  • Address: 55 Tran Quang Khai, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam province
  • Opening hours: 8am – 10pm
  1. NostaLife Res
  • Address: 33/1 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, An Hoi, Hoi An, Quang Nam province
  • Opening hours: 12 am – 9:30 pm

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Top local restaurants

Coffee in Hoi An, do you know?

The gentle and gentle beauty of the ancient town of Hoi An is the ideal place for today’s young people to date and take beautiful photos. Just find a lovely cafe in Hoi An with a comprehensive view, you can sip a cup of coffee with friends and relatives, watch the simple life of the old town and capture memorable moments with selfie photos sparkling.

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Coffee Shop

Where to drink speciality coffee in Hoi An you need to try

  1. Hai Cafe Hoi An

Hai Café Hoi An is located in a central location, the square area. This place is not noisy, so it is easy to feel the relaxing, gentle atmosphere of Hoi An heaven and earth. The spatial design of the restaurant is very western.

  • Address: 111 Tran Phu (98 Nguyen Thai Hoc), Hoi An, Quang Nam

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Top local restaurants10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Coffee shops

  1. Faifo Coffee

View of Faifo Coffee with top floor overlooking the beautiful panorama of Hoi An. You will have many beautiful photos when you come here. To enjoy the fresh air of Hoi An and get beautiful pictures, you should go here in the morning.

  • Address 130 Tran Phu, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam

10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Top local restaurants10 Vietnamese dishes you must try when you travel Hoi An Vietnam - Coffee shops

Above are the travel guides when you visit Hoi An city – a beautiful world heritage with rich cuisine. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you find the best restaurants and exciting travel experiences in Hoi An. Enjoy coffee and local dishes in the market or restaurants. Vietnamese cuisine is considered as one of the top Asian cuisines. You should also spend time at the local bar here, which is very interesting. Seafood in Hoi An is very delicious because it is coastal, there is famous An Bang beach. You can do a food tour from Da Nang to Hoi An.